in information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

In Information Security, Which of the Following Is an Example of a Threat Actor?

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In information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

But first, let us define what a threat factor is. Read on to learn more.

What Is A Threat Actor in Information Security?

Almost every day, we hear news about security threats. So, we worry about our information security.

Now, what is a threat actor?

A threat actor is like an enemy in information security. It can also be either a person or a group. Or it can be a thing that harms information security.

But, why do we need to know about threat actors? Well, these can cause damage to an organization’s InfoSec. 

It can also put people’s information at risk. Studies also show that cybercrime will increase in 2021.

But, we can do something to prevent it. One way is to know about them.

Then, in information security, which of the following is an example of a threat actor?

Types of Threat Actors in Information Security

In this article, we will consider the following threat actors:

  1. Cyber terrorists
  2. Government-sponsored attackers
  3. Cybercriminals
  4. Hacktivists
  5. Insiders
  6. Script Kiddies

Threat Actors in Information Security

Cyber Terrorists

Terrorism generates fear in people worldwide. At the same time, cyber terrorists use different cyber weapons. 

They do this to disrupt critical services, businesses, and state machinery. So, it results in harm and destruction.

Government-Sponsored Attackers

Some attackers are also directed or sponsored by governments and nations. But why so?

They do this to steal data or information from other agencies or countries. Some also want to redirect funds as part of national espionage.

But mostly, their goal is to spy on governmental bodies. So, they can fight against an enemy nation. 


We see crime every day we go. And that also happens in the cyber world.

Today, the rise of cryptocurrencies influenced cybercrime. So, this shows that cybercriminals’ main goal is financial gain.

They will then sell the stolen data to the black market. And of course, it will be sold on to the highest bidder.

For one, their primary attack is ransomware. And we’ve seen a dramatic increase of this in 2020.


Today, we are in an era of raising awareness. And with that, hacktivism is also on the rise.

They do this with the goal of raising awareness. Some also hack to expose secrets.

One popular example is WikiLeaks. It exposes secrets of government activities. So, they can alter perceptions.


Insiders are probably the least detected threat actor. Why? Because you wouldn’t know that someone already entered in your company with this intent.

They would infiltrate a workforce themselves. Or turn someone into an insider. 

So, they get privileged access. Then, insiders will bypass the security gaps they discovered.

Script Kiddies

Script kiddies are considered beginners in the field. They have no skill to design their own tools.

But, they will buy or borrow tools from other attackers. Then, they will look for the security gaps of an organization.

After that, they attack systems and networks. So, they can cause as much damage.

Their primary targets are organizations with low security. Such as those that have easy-to-penetrate systems.

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