information security engineer salaries

Information Security Engineer Salaries


How much does information security engineer salaries? Also, the reason why it is one of the hottest areas in the view of the firm. Let’s see in this article.

The United States Information Security Engineer Salaries

Annually for US information security engineer salaries, it has an average of $115,359. This is the study as of November 2020.

Therefore, that is around $55.46 per hour. As well, $ 2,218 per week and $ 9,613 monthly.

For the top workers their income is $150,000 per year, $12,500 per month, then $2,884 in a year.

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75th percentile workers are $ 129,500 per year, $ 10,791 monthly, and $ 2,490.0 per week.

Usual workers have an annual income of $115,359, $9,613 per month, and $2,218  each week.

Finally, for the 25th percentile only, their annual value is $98,500, $8,208 per month, and $1,894 per week.

Cities With The Highest Information Security Engineer Salaries

Here are a few best cities. That told that information security engineers were paying just above basic state wage. It began with San Mateo, California next to Berkeley, and goes on.

Later, we’ll show it in here. The San Mateo, CA is over the usual salary of $29,168.  It was almost an extra 22.4 percent.

Well, if it comes to data security engineering, San Mateo, CA, is really strong in the field. In addition, in this type of field, there are many firms hiring.

Clearly, information security data is amazingly useful for such the best cities.

The lists of cities Information Security Engineers are highly paid:

  • San Mateo, CA – Yearly $144,527, monthly $12,044, and weekly $2,779
  • Berkeley, CA – Yearly $139,793, monthly $11,649, and weekly $2,688
  • Daly City, CA – Yearly $139,403, monthly $11,617, and weekly $2,681
  • Richmond, CA – Yearly $135,410, monthly $11,284, and weekly $2,600
  • Kirkland, CA – Yearly $132,200, monthly $11,000, and weekly $2,543
  • Stamford, CT – Yearly $131,854, monthly $10,988, and weekly $2, 536
  • Bellevue, WA – Yearly $131, 512, monthly $10,959, and weekly $2,529
  • Brooklyn, NY – Yearly $129,622, monthly $10, 802, and weekly $2, 493
  • San Francisco, CA -Yearly $129,438, monthly $10, 787, and weekly $2,489
  • Knik-Fairview, AK – Yearly $129, 237, monthly $10,770, and weekly $2,485

Jobs Relating To Information Security Engineering

Senior Security Architects – $168,284 annual income and $14,0244 per month

Principal Security Engineer – $157,443 annual pay as well as $13,120 monthly income

Information Security Architects – $146,301 annual pay with $12,192 monthly income

Senior Application Security Engineers – annual pay of $144,292 plus a monthly fee of $12, 024

IT Security Architects – $142, 736 annual pay as well as $11, 895 monthly pay

We hope this post may help you. Especially to learn about the information security engineer salaries. It will let you prepare and take on this role.

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