Information Security 3 Categories

Learn About Information Security 3 Categories

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We will help you to learn about information security in 3 categories. Also, we will discuss the important things of information security categories.

The Information Security 3 Categories

What are the information security 3 categories all about? Information security is important for a healthy and smooth running of a company. 

It is a necessary evil that a company has to live with to ensure. That the technology infrastructure of the company is running smoothly.

3 categories are discussed in information security from the following:

  • infrastructure
  • application
  • personnel

Let us discuss this in detail from the following:

Information Security Infrastructure

Information security infrastructure is concerned with the physical infrastructure of the company. It includes the servers, network devices, computers.

Also, other physical resources make up the overall technological setup of the company. This category also deals with the setup of policies to protect the resources from malicious attacks. 

For example, you can set up rules to say no files should be saved on portable drives. Also, all files should be saved only on the servers. 

This protects your file server from unauthorized copies. Moreover, loss of data because all data will be copied into one place. 

You can also set up rules for authorized access to your servers or computers. It is to ensure only authorized people have access to them.

The other important aspect of information security infrastructure. It is setting up communication channels between systems.

In your organization for communication between them. If you have multiple offices across the world, you will need communication channels.

This is between them so two remote offices can share data. So one office can send requests to another office for specific actions to be carried out by the other office. 

The communication channels should be secured. So that unauthorized access cannot happen through them. 

For example, you might want all communication channels encrypted using an encryption protocol like SSL/TLS or IPSec. So that eavesdropping cannot happen on the channel. 

You must also set up intrusion detection systems on these communication channels. So if someone tries to break into it. 

Some alarms are triggered immediately which will warn the administrators about it. This way, they can take appropriate action.

Before any damage occurs due to unauthorized access over these communication channels.

Information Security Application

An information security application is software that is used to carry out various security tasks. It is also used as a tool to carry out security tasks. 

Such as encryption of data, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention. Also, decryption of data, etc. 

There are many information security applications available in the market. Some of them are open source and some are commercial. 

You can also develop your information security applications. However, the most popular ones are open source and they have good reputations. 

As far as commercial information security applications go. It is a risky proposition that you will have to take into consideration before going down that route. 

The most popular information security applications are the following: 

  • OpenSSL
  • OpenSSH
  • IPsec
  • Tor
  • Wireshark

Information Security Personnel 

 Information security personnel are concerned with the people who are involved in carrying out security tasks. This category also covers people who are responsible for the security of the company. 

These people are called information security professionals. They are responsible for various activities that are related to information security. 

For example, they will be responsible for security audits. Also, the incident response should an incident occur. 

Furthermore, information security personnel are employees. Who specifically work on the security of the company’s technology infrastructure. 

Also, system administrators who exercise their job as information security personnel. As well as their regular job as a system administrator.

Also, fall into this category of information security personnel. 

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