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A GRC platform can help your business from financial, legal, and liability risks. Businesses today use the GRC platform. That is, to define, execute, and keep track of strategies for risk management. Also, as the ERM or Enterprise Risk Management.

Who Uses The GRC Platform?

This is mostly used by analysts, compliance officers, and managers. Also, the Operations Team makes use of a GRC Platform. They use this for maintaining their company ethics. Thus, preventing the company from lawsuits, investigations, and injuries.

Select Your GRC Platform

Take a look at the top GRC Platforms in 2020. See which best suits you and your business.

LogicGate Risk Cloud

This GRC platform is an end-to-end suite of applications. It claims to collect, manage, and reduce the risk landscape of an organization. Plus, it is built with a measurable understanding of the company’s risk-bearing. Thus, enables business leaders to boost risk programs and opportunities.

High Bond

This is by Galvanize. A combination of audit professionals, security, risk management, and compliance. This is developed by industry experts. With the aim of better work collaborations. Plus, it automates repetitive tasks and helps in delivering the best practices.

It also claims to connect, harmonize, and analyze data. As a result, helps in wiser decision-making of the company.

Audit Board

By Deloitte. Also one of the leading cloud-based platforms. Helps companies manage risk more effectively. With its easy to use audit, risk, and compliance solutions. Plus, it simplifies internal audit, SOX compliance, controls, risk, and workflow management.

Moreover, is the top-rated GRC and audit management software on G2. It was ranked as the 3rd fastest-growing technology in North America.


Offers to upgrade your company’s risk and compliance program. With the highest infosec standards. Helps you to achieve built-in continuous monitoring and efficient audit management. Plus a custom-built or customizable, end-to-end risk management.

From small to midsize companies, up unto enterprises. They use Zen GRC. For example with the following features.

  • minimized manual effort because of automation
  • Simpler audit cycles
  • Built-in risk management
  • Dashboards for increased visibility and reporting


Aids their clients with effective risk management solutions. Plus the blend of software and learning content. They promise to help companies build and grow a strong risk, and compliance culture.

Also, incorporate risk management processes, and develop strong ethics and employee behavior. Being proactive in risk management. Thus helping the business to gain excellence, growth, durability, and trust.

Make Use of GRC Platforms

Benefits of making use of GRC Platforms include:

  • Reduction of costs for non-compliance. For example, of needless penalties and fines.
  • Mitigates the risk by limiting the negative impact it brings in a company. This is done by the regulations implemented.
  • It helps keep the compliance data up to date. This is especially helpful for some companies. For those who need to comply with changing national and international laws.
  • Aids in brand protection. Clients avoid dealing with companies that have a bad reputation. Not to mention those who repeatedly break the law and fail to comply.
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