Physical Security for Security Data Breach

A security data breach is often blamed on cyber hackers and malware attacks. But could the company’s own physical security system cause harm? This article will tell you more than you already know. SECURITY DATA BREACH AND YOU You may feel secured and protected inside your office. Your building has high-security measures. But how about […]

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Marriott Data Breach

What Do You Need Know About Marriott Data Breach?

Marriott Data Breach is one of the best examples of how a data breach can affect a company.   What Do You Need to Know About Marriott Data Breach? The Marriott hotel company revealed in late 2018, with hundreds of millions of consumer data, that one of its reservations processes has become a compromise. They exfiltrate […]

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Data Breach

Data Breach: What Is It And Why You Need Beware?

In the Next Normal era, where Data Breach is happening everywhere, companies need to know how to protect their data.  Biggest data breaches of the decade Although hundreds of data breaches have affected customers worldwide, some of the most severe has happened in recent years and involve privacy vulnerability leakage, considering computer protection measures to […]

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