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The Demand In Cybersecurity Engineer Career

Cyber Security

So today, we will tackle the things about the cybersecurity engineer. Also, how this career become in demand nowadays.

Introduction About The Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity has become one of the demand fields in the digital era. There is a survey that says that our cybersecurity engineer and other field is soaring high.

However, the supply in this matter is running critically low. Why does it happen? It is because not many are qualified and skilled enough for the job.

Therefore, as the result, it becomes hard for the CISO to attract and retain cybersecurity engineers. Due to the lack of skills in detecting the neutralizing the threats.

But, what is the job of the cybersecurity engineer that it becomes hard for others to be qualified? Well, these engineers often call information security engineers.

They are someone that capable of identifying the threats and the vulnerabilities in our systems and software. Moreover, they have the skills that able to develop a strong strategy.

Also, these engineers are the one who implements their strategy in place. It must be a high-tech solution to able to defend against hacking, ransomware, and malware.

The above mention is the threats that penetrate our networks that result in a cybercrime. Also, these engineers often serve as a go-to team members for the policy and procedures.

What Are Their Job Responsibilities?

Well, they play a big part in our security system. They are our trusted partners for our system.

So part of their responsibilities is performing the assessment and the penetration testing. It is a managing security technology and audit for the intrusion system.

Other than that, here is the list of their responsibilities they need to accomplish.

  • An engineer of cybersecurity should do the planning then executing. After the execution, he or she must monitor the progress from time to time.
  • He must upgrade the security measures to keep the strong protection in our company. Especially in the part of the systems, networks, and systems.
  • Part of his responsibilities is troubleshooting the security and the network problems.
  • He must respond quickly to the systems and the network breaches to avoid larger damage.
  • The engineer must ensure that your company data is well protected. Also, it includes all the infrastructure in place to have security controls.
  • He must test and identify the network and system vulnerabilities.
  • He must take participate in the change management process.
  • Lastly, a daily routine in the administrative task, communication, and reporting must be done. It is a relevant part for all the departments of your company.

What Are The Following Opportunities In Cybersecurity Field?

So in the field of cybersecurity, it opens many opportunities. Well, as mention above, it is in high demand right now. 

Therefore, what is the following opportunities or position does the field offer?

Here are the following:

  • IT security engineer
  • Network security engineer
  • Information system security engineer
  • Cybersecurity manager
  • Consultant
  • Director
  • Architect

Therefore, we can conclude that our cybersecurity field is a large field full of opportunities. We just take the step to grab these opportunities.
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