Cybersecurity and Privacy

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cyber Security

What is the connection between cybersecurity and privacy? So this two is activities strengthen the security of the digital environment.

Know About Cybersecurity And Privacy

In this discussion, we will help you to understand the difference. So each of them has an essential role in digital technology.

This privacy happens to define having the ability to protect sensitive information. Such as its about personally identifiable information.

However, protection is a cybersecurity component. Yet others define it as the right to be left alone.

But still, it doesn’t cover privacy in a data-centric world. In this industry the privacy-focused on the following concepts:

  • Data should be collect
  • The permissible uses
  • It might be share
  • How long should data be retained
  • Granula access control model is appropriete

However, cybersecurity is def as protection against unauthorized access. Some have included integrity and availability.

This security control is put in place to control who can access the information. However, privacy is more granular.

It controls what and when they can access specific data. Let say that if you go to the bank on a national financial institution.

All of the tellers maybe have a provision to access your account details. So this is proves that flexibility for you as a customer.

Issues Of Cybersecurity And Privacy

There is a critical aspect of information and communication technologies. So the distribution of network protecting that equipment and control with automation plans.

It uses the standard data interchange and network implementation. So to make this application interoperable among different vendors.

These substations can now interconnect with open networks like corporate networks and the internet. Therefore, it is use for open protocols for communication.

However, open protocol means that the security provided by uncertainty and isolation can be assumed. It leaves the network vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Intending to avoid cyber attacks and cybersecurity measures are implemented. So cyber consider the design the following:

  • Confidentially that prevent unauthorized access to information
  • The integrity that prevents unauthorized modification
  • Avaialbit and authenticalon is previendtinf denial of sever and aususrer autoze access to informtion
  • Nonrepudiation has prevented denial of an action taking place
  • Traceability and detection is monition the logging activity to detect intrusion and analyze the incident.

Solution For Cybersecurity And Privacy

The process and procedure are for to distribute network information communication technology. It is an infrastructure that requires to assure a secure exchange.

Yet the categories of information is in the following:

  • Security context

It defines the information that allows users to have access to devices. Such as the password and permissions with the user credentials

  • Log and event management

This will include the security logs which are store in different improvised explosive devices. Also, it is like some use and unused ports and performance statistics.

  • Datagrams

A packet of information exchange between the improvised explosive devices. We would like to share with you some common cyber vulnerability that includes the following:

  • An error by personnel that keeping password in a location visible to others
  • Bypassing of controls that user is turning off security measure to access the system
  • Bad practice for that user to changing the default password 
  • Poor technology is the substation where is not a firewall 
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