Information Security York University

The Information Security York University

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We will find out in this article York University and the course they offer for information security. Also, how to acquire the ceertification in this university.

Information Security Course

This is a free Information Security Course At York University offered by the Information Security Group at York University. It is a free course and can be accessed online.

In this course, you will study the fundamentals of information security, including:

  • The real-world threats that your information is likely to encounter.
  • How to anticipate and prevent these threats.
  • The security characteristics of different technologies.
  • How to think about security in the design and development of new systems.
  • How to carry out a risk assessment and how to carry out a penetration test.
  • What is cryptography and how it can be used in real-world systems?
  • How to manage the security of an existing IT system.
  • How to select and use appropriate security devices and services.
  • The legal, organizational, and social issues involved in security decision-making.

Advantages Of Taking This Course

The course is well structured and covers all the main areas of information security. There are nine modules with ten or eleven sub-sections each.

Each sub-section covers a particular aspect of the main topic. This is well illustrated by the module on Cryptography where there are subsections.

  • What Is Cryptography?
  • How Does It Work?
  • History,
  • Cryptanalysis,
  • The Enigma Machine,
  • Public Key Encryption,
  • Symmetric Key Encryption,
  • Hash Functions,
  • Steganography And Other Cryptographic Techniques.

The course is with full text for each section and good diagrams and graphs to illustrate points. Each subsection contains an activity that helps you to apply the concepts in the subsection to yourself or your organization.

There are also questions to answer at the end of each sub-section.

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in the subject. As the course is free for anyone to take, there is no cost barrier to participation.

This course is freely available from York University and it is a good introduction to Information Security for anyone with a general interest in the subject.

The course is well structured and well presented and could form the basis for a more detailed study of the subject.

There is no charge for this course and it is worth anyone’s time to study it.

York University Offers A Certificate In Information Security

York University offers a Certificate in Information Security which you can take part in via distance learning. You can also attend York University physically to take this course.

There is a charge for this course but it is worth it.

There are five modules, these are the following:

  • Introduction To Information Security,
  • Security Architecture,
  • Cryptography,
  • Legal And Ethical Issues, and
  • Information Security Management.

The Certificate in Information Security takes two terms to complete and you can choose from three different start dates each term.

You can choose from four different courses:

  • Administration of Information Security,
  • Computer Forensics,
  • Cyber Crime Investigation, or
  • Ethical Hacking.

If you have a special interest in forensics or cybercrime investigation. You have the option to take one of these courses only. They are designed to build on your existing knowledge and experience. To give you a competitive advantage in the workplace.

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