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Top Cybersecurity Movies You Need to Watch

Cyber Security

What are your favorite cybersecurity movies? Well, most of our favorites are based on true stories. Thus, watching them makes it interesting. But, also educational at the same time.

Well, in this post, we listed some entertaining movies on the theme of cybersecurity over the years.

Top Cybersecurity Movies Of All Time

The Matrix

This movie gained unmatched global popularity as a classic. In this movie, Keanu Reeves plays the role of a computer hacker in the dystopian future. His goal is to rescue mankind from being trapped in a simulation called Matrix.

Besides, the Matrix is a simulated reality. And it’s created by intelligent machines to trap humans to use their bodies as an energy source.

Mr. Robot

Elliot Anderson is a talented hacker and cybersecurity engineer. Additionally, he suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

But, his life turns upside down. Especially when Mr. Robot invites him to join a group of hacktivists. And what is their mission? It’s to destroy the largest financial conglomerate in the world.

Moreover, all the hacking scenes are very realistic. Genuine techniques, codes, and tools are also in use.

Silicon Valley

This movie is a US series. It’s about 5 ambitious geeks who founded a startup in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, the series offers a funny portrayal of the technology industry with startups and firms. Moreover, they are based on real-life companies.

Black Mirror

It’s a sensational British sci-fi series. But, what is this story all about? Well, it depicts the dark side of society’s obsession with technology.

Also, the title “Black Mirror” symbolizes the blank phone screen that shows you your reflection. Or simply think of it as a line between the digital and the real world. Where you’re somewhere in between.

Furthermore, some of the technology featured in the story exists. Like for instance, artificial intelligence capable of recreating loved ones.

The Great Hack

It’s true, data is a valuable asset. And it can become a strong weapon. Especially against society if in the wrong hands.

Well, this movie is all about the Facebook data breach scandal. Moreover, this documentary will shock you into facing the reality of our online lives. Besides, it will encourage you to think twice before revealing any personal data.


Walter Brian is a computer hacker with an IQ of 197. The story also tells the Walter Brian, at the age of 13, already hacked NASA’s servers. He pulled out the CAD files for the real Space Shuttle Columbia.

He also teams up with other geeks to create a community that solves cybercrimes.

Bourne Ultimatum

Matt Damon plays a character who loses his memory. But he has to find the people who wronged him.

So, to do that, he teams up with an investigative officer. On the other hand, the CIA team uses Cybersecurity tools to trace their movements. They also set up traps to sabotage their plans.

The Imitation Game

This movie stars Benedict Cumberbatch. The setting is during World War 2. Also, the story is about a newly-created British agency that recruits a mathematician to crack Germany’s enigma code.

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