Cybersecurity Jobs Are There

What Cybersecurity Jobs Are There?

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Let us discuss what cybersecurity jobs are there that you can be. Also, we will discuss each job of cybersecurity.

Learn About Cybersecurity Jobs

Cybersecurity jobs are very prevalent, and the demand for qualified professionals is growing. However, it can be challenging to figure out exactly what kind of cybersecurity job you should go after. 

There are many different types of cybersecurity jobs. But they all boil down to two categories: “soft” and “hard.”

Soft Cybersecurity Jobs

A soft cybersecurity job is anyone that doesn’t involve writing code. Or do any kind of technical work. 

It could be in management or administration or anything in between. Soft jobs are typically easier to get into since employers don’t need to worry about you.

That is knowing specific languages or having certain certifications. But someone who has a technical background will generally be more qualified for these positions. 

Soft jobs are often entry-level positions.

Kind Of Soft Jobs 

What kind of soft cyber security jobs are there? Here are some common ones:


When it comes to cybersecurity, management is probably the most important part. This includes hiring people, managing day-to-day tasks.

Moreover, making sure everyone stays up to date with security procedures, managing budgets, etc. Management positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in business.

Or another related field. However, prior work experience may be preferred or required depending on the company’s policies.


So within the IT department, there are often administrative positions. That doesn’t require much technical knowledge beyond being familiar with computers. 

For example, an IT admin might be in charge of ordering new hardware for the office. Also, controlling user access to various networks and systems.

Or updating software on company computers. These positions also tend to require a bachelor’s degree in business or some other related field as well as prior IT experience.

Hard Cybersecurity Jobs

A hard cybersecurity job is anyone that requires writing code or performing other technical tasks. These jobs tend to require more experience than soft jobs.

Also, they usually require specific training and certifications. Otherwise, it’s difficult to prove that you know what you’re doing. 

And that you can be trusted to do the job well. However, some hard cybersecurity jobs don’t require much in the way of certifications or prior experience. 

There are even some hard jobs that are entry-level positions. Hard cybersecurity jobs are often broken down into two categories: “programming” and “technical.” 

Technical work means anything that doesn’t involve programming code. This includes the following:

  • network security
  • system administration
  • operations
  • etc. 

On the other hand, Programming is when you sit down at a computer and write code. This could be in C++, Java, Python.

So whatever language is in use at the company or client you’re working with at the time. These positions will require various levels of coding skills depending on what you’re doing. 

For example, if you’re writing custom software for a client. So it may only require basic programming knowledge. 

If you’re writing software for a large company. It probably requires years of experience with an object-oriented language like Java or C++.

Along with several years of experience in software development practices. It is like agile or waterfall methodologies. 

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