Information Security Breach

What Is Information Security Breach?


In this article, we will tackle the information security breach. What it is? Also, what are the following elements policy?

Learn About Information Security Breach

What is Information Security Breach? An information security breach is an incident that occurs when unauthorized individuals.

Also, groups of individuals gain access to sensitive information. So information security breach comes in different forms. 

The most common form of an information security breach is the hacking of a computer system. So this hacking is an attempt to gain access to a computer system.

Without the knowledge of the system’s owner. This may be done to steal information or to make changes to the system.

Moreover, an information security breach can also occur as a result of the possession of sensitive information. By an unauthorized person. 

For example, laptop theft or loss of sensitive documents such as diskettes. Also, flash drives can result in information security breaches.

So the goal of information security is to protect information from the following:

  • unauthorized access, 
  • use, 
  • disclosure, 
  • disruption, 
  • modification, 
  • perusal, 
  • inspection, 
  • recording or 
  • destruction.

The process of providing this protection is known as security management and includes:

Security policy and procedures: 

These are rules and guidelines that help establish. Also, maintain an acceptable level of risk for an organization’s assets and operations.

So security Policy is a collection of directives that specify how employees should handle sensitive data. Moreover, what they should do if they suspect a security problem. 

A good policy will set out clear procedures for dealing with such the following:

  • problems as loss theft of laptops containing sensitive customer data 
  • unauthorized attempts by employees to access confidential data
  • deliberate attacks on the company’s computer system from outside.

Key Element Policy

A key element of any policy is that it should be written down. Also, then communicated to all employees.

Ideally, it should be reviewed at least annually and updated along with other policies. Moreover, procedures if necessary.

Security Procedures contain step-by-step instructions for implementing the security policy. For example, procedures might spell out exactly what steps employees should take.

If they discover a lost laptop containing sensitive customer data. Also, how IT staff should deal with reports from customers.

Those who have been sent fraudulent phishing emails purporting to come from the company’s website. Also, what steps should be taken if an employee’s computer account has been breached.

By a hacker trying to gain access to confidential data held on the company’s computers.

Second Element Of Policy

A second key element of any policy is that it should be properly enforced. Through agreed disciplinary action if any rules are broken from the following:

Risk Assessment: 

Risk assessment involves identifying threats that could damage your business. Also, even put your entire organization out of business. 

Moreover, assessing their likelihood and impact on your operations if they were to occur. So Risk assessment is the first step in creating a comprehensive information security policy. 

This will help you develop a strategy for risk mitigation.


Information security breaches can be caused by people and systems. Also, both need to be held accountable for their actions. 

If an employee loses a laptop containing sensitive data. Then they should be held accountable and disciplined.

However, if it is a result of a problem with the company’s computer system. Then the IT department should be held accountable. 

Also, have procedures in place to prevent future problems. In addition, it is vital that any staff member or contractor who suspects an information security breach.

They should report it immediately. Even though they may not be sure if it is serious enough to be reported. 

Their reporting might stop a serious attack from causing significant damage to the business. So they should have a policy for dealing with this scenario in place before it happens. 

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