What Is Information Security Policy

What Is Information Security Policy?

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We will be discussing the importance of the information security policy in a company? Also, let’s discuss how it applies in our own operation.

Information Security Policy

Information security is the term used to define the security of all information that is used by a company or an individual. It is an attempt to secure the following:

  • information systems,
  • Software,
  • networks and databases,
  • Damage,
  • disclosure or theft.

There are four basic elements in Information security.

Confidentiality – This refers to the ability of one party to keep information private from another party.

Integrity – This refers to the ability to maintain the accuracy and consistency of an information system.

Availability – This refers to the ability of an information system to be accessed by users who need it when they need it.

Authentication – This refers to the method used by computing systems for verifying that a user is who they claim to be.

The Information Security Policy

Information security policies are documents that outline what users can and cannot do with it. An information security policy will guide users on how important it is to protect an organization’s data.

Also, it will guide them on what actions they can take with data. It will also set out specific procedures for handling the data amongst different departments in an organization.

For example, if there is sensitive customer information held by your IT department. Then this policy may give guidelines on how that information can be accessed.

Also, how it should be handled and what should happen if that information gets into the wrong hands. Information security policies are typically written by senior management within an organization.

However, it may be written by a third-party consultant hired by senior management. They will work closely with IT staff within an organization to develop this policy.

So that it closely reflects their responsibilities and needs. An Information security policy is usually written as a single document.

Sub-section In Information Security

But could also be broken down into sub-sections known as policies. For example, one sub-section could deal with issues regarding the following passwords.

Also, another sub-section could deal with confidential material within email messages. Yet another sub-section could deal with backup procedures for servers etc.

So Information security policies should always contain certain elements including: 

Information security policies outline. So it will consist of the following policy:

  • What should happen if something goes wrong with the information systems within your organization?
  • These policies will outline the steps that need to be taken to prevent privacy breaches. It will outline what will happen if this privacy is breached.

For example, it may outline steps that need to be taken to inform the individual of the breach. Also, it may outline steps that need to be taken to rectify the breach.

  • These policies will outline the steps that need to be taken if confidential material is lost within an organization

 For example, if a disk containing customer information gets stolen. It will set out what actions should be taken to rectify the situation.

 It will also outline any legal obligations on an organization concerning this issue.

These policies outline what should happen if an employee loses their laptop containing sensitive information on it. For example, if confidential documents are stored on this computer, then it may set out what procedures need to be followed when this occurs.

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