What Is The Average Salary For A CISO?


One factor why you choose a career is the average salary of a certain job, as it applies to those who want to be a CISO. Therefore, let us learn the marginal salary for this job position.

What Is The CISO Job?

CISO stands for Chief Information Security Officer. This position is responsible for the protection of all data, systems, and networks used by an organization.

If you work as a CISO, then the ultimate goal of your work is to make sure that your company can operate safely and efficiently. You should consider how to do the following:

  • manage information security,
  • create policies to protect the company’s valuable information, and
  • maintain the achievements of the company’s IT strategy.

What Are The Duties Of A CISO? 

The main tasks of a CISO are:

  • Conduct security assessments.

If an organization’s information security is not at the desired level, then it must be addressed. And one way to address it is to conduct security assessments.

By doing this, you can assess the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures. Also, identify vulnerabilities and fix them immediately. The goal is to ensure that your company’s data is protected from all possible threats.

  • Coordinate with other groups in the company.

Have you ever thought about how to implement an effective IT strategy? Coordinating with other groups should be done by a CISO.

After all, it should be done by someone who has a deep knowledge of IT issues and business needs. You have to coordinate with different groups in the company.

So that they understand how IT strategy affects them so they can support it fully.

  • Manage information security.

The implementation of specific procedures related to information security is not enough for the success of an organization’s IT strategy. For example, if you want your employees to always use strong passwords when they login to their accounts.

Then they should know why they should do this. They should know that weak passwords can put their accounts at risk.

They should know that the reason is that hackers can easily guess them or steal them. Then there are times when employees fail to follow specific rules regarding the following:

  • e-mail messages, or
  • confidential documents saved on their computers. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that your employees understand why certain procedures are needed. Also, they must know how they will protect them against cyber attacks or data loss. 

  • Monitor and respond quickly to cyber incidents.

To ensure that your company’s data is still protected. Especially, implementing an effective IT strategy is not an easy task.

One way to do this is by monitoring your network closely. So you can respond quickly if there is any cyber-attack or data breach that occurs in your system or network.

Average Salary Of A CISO

Now that you know the tasks of a CISO. It’s time to talk about how much they earn. The average salary of a CISO is $163,000 per year.

Here are some other numbers that you can use as reference:

$164,000 – is the average salary of a CISO in the United States.

$160,000 – is the average salary of a CISO in Canada.

$180,000 – is the average salary of a CISO in Australia.

$162,000 – is the average salary of a CISO in Switzerland.

$160,000 – is the average salary of a CISO in Germany.

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