What You Need To Know: Software Security Requirements

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Another facet of cybersecurity is ‘software security’. Why is software security vital? What are the software security requirements? How will it benefit your business? Let us see how!

Why Establish Software Security?

Software security is a branch of computer security. In turn, a secured computer also means secured data. Moreover, it’s not only beneficial for your data. But, for the overall health of your computer.

Compare it to what vitamins and minerals do to our bodies. These nutrients help us fight against viruses and potential illnesses. Likewise, software and computer security do the same benefit to your computers.

Thus, these branches of security help you block viruses and malware. And, protecting your system from corruption. Most of all, it aids in the smooth and quick running of your device.

How About Software Security Requirements?

‘Requirement’ means ‘a thing compulsory’, or ‘a necessary condition’. In the same manner, software security does not just happen in a snap. So, certain requirements should be met. 

These requirements should be clear, measurable, and testable. Above all, it must be consistent.

Is It Needed?

Yes, it is! Cyber hacking also makes use of software into unintended uses. Software is also prone to abuse and vulnerabilities. As a result, your software may be used in ways you did not design it to be.

Who suffers? It is you- the developer. So, it is very important to implement strong software security. It does not only benefit your reputation as a developer. Also, it aids you in needless issues in the future.

Thus, strong software security locks down the purpose of your software. Yes, it should be used only as intended.

How Can I Enable Software Security Requirements?

Enabling these requirements is not a mere want. This should be implemented. Additionally, this must be set with security goals.

Consider these questions while developing security:

  • What are the vulnerabilities should I prevent?
  • How will I measure the security? 
  • Can I ensure that the requirement is met?
  • How can I make sure that the vulnerabilities are not in the code itself?

Moreover, test the requirements with software tests. You can do this with both source codes and compiled applications.

Requirements Over Requirement

You want to develop strong requirements. To do this, consider these questions as requirements for your software security requirements.

  • Is it testable? Again, remember to be specific instead of being vague.
  • How can I measure its effectiveness and protection?
  • Am I not missing something? Is it complete?
  • Also, consider the people who will implement, design, test, and deliver. Are my intentions clear? Will they clearly understand these?
  • Most of all, consider the consistency. Are the security requirements consistently implemented?

Furthermore, here is another reminder when developing your requirement. Make sure that these requirements are achievable. One way to do this is to be specific with your goals, for instance.

Three Types of Requirements

  1. FUNCTIONAL- This is all about what a system CAN do. 
  2. NON FUNCTIONAL- On the other hand, this describes what a system HAS TO BE.
  3. DERIVED- Inspired by the combination of both. Namely, functional and non-functional. 
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