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Learn the difference between cybersecurity vs. computer science? Also, what is the important learning we need in both processes?

Introduction: Cybersecurity Vs. Computer Science

The difference between cybersecurity vs. computer science is that cybersecurity is the protection of the data and networks against the following:

  • unauthorized access
  • Manipulation
  • Destruction

The Importance Of Both Process

Computer science, on the other hand, is the study of the theory, design, and use of computers. 

Many careers are related to computer science, but not all of them are related to cybersecurity. When it comes to cybersecurity, what you need is the skillset. 

Some cybersecurity jobs need knowledge of computer science. But not all of them need it. 

Several cybersecurity positions don’t require you to have a background in computer science. Anybody can be a cybersecurity professional as long as you have the skillset and the skills to do so.

If you’re into computer science. Then you must know that there are many things that you can do aside from just being a computer scientist.

You can choose to specialize in any of the following:

  • Security
  • cryptography, etc

Some of these fields or subfields of computer science can give you an edge if you choose to work in cyber security. 

But there are also some careers in cybersecurity that require you to have a background in computer science.

This is why you need to know which is which. So you won’t waste your time studying something else aside from what they’re looking for.

Some of these careers that require a background in computer science include the following:

  • Security analyst
  • Application security developer.
  • Penetration tester 
  • Security engineer
  • Security architect

To become a security architect, one must have a degree or certificate in computer science.

  • Cybercrime investigator

How Important Is Cybersecurity?

The world of technology is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. 

As more and more people are using the Internet, the number of attacks has increased as well. 

In 2017, about 4.2 billion records were stolen by cybercriminals. In 2016, there were about 3.8 billion. 

That’s a huge increase compared to the previous year. 

The increase in cyberattacks is not a good sign for cybersecurity professionals. With all of these breaches, they have a lot of work to do, and they work 24/7 to keep up with the threats out there. 

It’s been reported that some cybersecurity professionals need to work 60 hours or more per week. 

But what is the demand for cybersecurity professionals? Are there enough of them to cover all of these threats? 

The answer is no! There are currently not enough cybersecurity professionals to handle all of these threats that we’re seeing today.

That’s why organizations or companies that have sensitive data or information hire professionals. Also, governments are hiring cybersecurity professionals left and right.

It is a very good thing for those who are already in this field. Because their salaries will increase as well as their opportunities for career advancement will be better as well.

These people will be able to work on high-profile cases. Also, even travel around the world if they want to as part of their job description as a cybersecurity professional.

So they can gain experience and even train from other countries as well. 

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