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Making a good cybersecurity PPT comes to a creative mind. Your PPT must have interesting ideas about cybersecurity that can help viewers.

Although your presentation will be based on the following things you want to deliver to your viewers. But if you are still looking for an interesting topic for your presentation, then this article will help you.

It will be about the topic of cybersecurity.

Topics For You Cybersecurity PPT

How to prevent people from hacking your system? How to secure your computer and how can you keep your data safe? These are just some topics you can use.

Making a good cybersecurity PPT is very important when you want to become a good presenter. So, if you want to make a good presentation about cybersecurity, then here are some ideas you can follow to make a good one:

First of all, you need to understand the basics of cybersecurity. Don’t try to explain the whole thing about it.

Make it simple and easy for your viewers to understand. You can explain each thing briefly and leave a detailed explanation for another time.

If you don’t understand the basics, then how can you explain it? It is better if you read some articles, books, or blogs about it before starting making your PPT.

Follow the proper steps in making your presentation:

  • First, write down an outline of what topics, subtopics, and sub-sub topics you want to discuss in your presentation.

List them out in an order that will make sense to your viewers. For example, start with the definition of cybersecurity. Then what are the threats that may come if there is no cybersecurity?

You can use word processor software like Microsoft Word or even PowerPoint software for this step. But PowerPoint will be better because it is specifically designed for making presentations.

So you have more flexibility when you use the PowerPoint application on this step.

  • Second, create slides on each topic or subtopic that you have written down on step one. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint for this step because it is easier to use than other word processor software like Microsoft Word.
  • Third, creating multimedia objects which are visual objects that are added into presentation slides. You can choose between pictures or videos or audios or any other multimedia objects that are related to the topic of your presentation.
  • Fourth, put audio tracks on each slide of your presentation slides.
  • Fifth, give background music on each slide of your presentation slides.
  • Sixth, export your PPT as an HTML file Finally, share it with others by uploading it on the WordPress website or any other blog platform.

Now, what are the following topics that you can use in your cybersecurity PPT?

Topics For Your Cybersecurity

Cyber Crime

Cyberattacks are the results of cybercrime. Cybercrime is a type of crime that is through the use of computers or computer networks. Examples of cybercrime include unauthorized access to data, computer viruses, identity theft, hacking, phishing, and other forms of malware distribution.


Cyberwarfare is a form of warfare that uses computers and information technology for attacks against an enemy. Cyberattacks by nation-states have become common since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Hacking And Cracking

Hacking is a non-technical method used to describe the concept of modifying something without permission. It also refers to any type of modification or damage to hardware or software that falls into this category. 

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