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The CCISO -Certified Chief Information Security Officer exam validates the skills and knowledge of a CISO. So, we listed the common CISO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This can help you have more clarity about the policies of the exam.

Answers To Common CISO FAQ

What Is The CCISO Program?

The Certified CISO (CCISO) program is a certification program aiming to produce top-level information security executives.
Moreover, it equips information security leaders with the most effective toolset. Therefore, they could be able to defend organizations from cyber-attacks.
To be a certified CCISO, you have to pass this exam.

To Whom Does This Exam For?

This exam is for senior IT professionals, managers, directors, and program managers. Professionals working in C-Level positions are also among the intended audience.

What Are The Criteria For The Exam?

  • First, Governance and Risk Management- 16%
  • Second, Information Security Controls, Compliance, and Audit Management- 18%
  • Then, Information Security Core competencies -25%
  • And lastly, Strategic Planning and Finance- 19%

How Many Questions Are There?

There will be 150 questions.

How Long Will The Exam Be?

The exam shall be completed in 150 minutes.

What Type Of Questions Are There?

The questions are in the Multiple Choice Format.

How Much Does It Cost To Take The Exam?

The examination fee is $999.

What Is The Passing Score For The CCISO Exam?

You have to score at least 72% to pass the exam.

What Is The Eligibility Of The CCISO Exam?

To be eligible, however, you must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in each of the five criteria.

Five Years Of Experience Is Required In Each Of The Five CCISO Criteria (Self-Study). Does That Mean I Should Have 25 Years Of Experience?

The answer is no. Because, each of the 5 CCISO criteria is part of each day. Also, that five years can and usually do overlap.

How Long Is The Validity Of My CCISO Certification?

All EC-Council certifications will be valid for three years from the date of certification.

What Does The Exam Recertification Policy Mean?

Your certification should be renewed in 3 years. So, to do that, you have to participate in the EC-Council Continuing Education (ECE) Program. Upon completion of 3 years of ECE program. The validity of your certification will be extended from the month of expiry. And also, you have to remit a renewal fee of $100.

And What About The Exam Retake Policy?

You don’t have to worry if you’re unable to clear the exam within the first attempt. Because the EC-Council allows five retakes in a year.

If I Don’t Have 5 Years Of Experience In 3 Of The Five CCISO Criteria, Does That Mean I can’t Take The CCISO Training?

The answer is no. Not meeting the requirements for the exam doesn’t mean you can’t take the training. Of course, anyone can take the CCISO exam. But, those who qualify only for the exam will be issued an exam voucher.

What Does The EC-Council Information Security Manager (EISM) Program Mean?

This program allows those who are not yet qualified to sit for the CCISO exam. But this is to train and attain an EC-Council certification.

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