CSA Cloud Security Alliance: 2020’s Top Threats

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Each year- the CSA Cloud Security Alliance releases the top cyber threats. This year, on September 23, 2020- the ‘Egregious 11’ was released. 

What are some of these threats? How can we better equip ourselves against these?

The Top 5 Threats

The following are five of the top 11 threats according to CSA’s report. Moreover, it informs us of the common risks and vulnerabilities we may be in. Thus, this report is to increase cybersecurity awareness. Especially with today’s ever-increasing cybercrime rates.


The top one on the list goes to ‘data breach’. Do you know that almost 4 million USD can cost your business from a data breach? No wonder the first rank goes to this!

Certainly, cyber attackers’ number one target is data. While data is a business’s top asset. This data specifically refers to PII. Or Personally Identifiable Information. This includes any information that can be used to identify a person.

Today, an increasing amount of data gets into the cloud. Thus, every data must be protected from any unauthorized access!


Misconfiguration includes excessive permissions. And not changing default credentials. Also, this happens when access is set up incorrectly. 

As a result, this leads to data breaches. Moreover, it can even cause needless deletion of files. And also, service interruptions.

The CSA compels the IT systems today to make use of automation tools. Such tools can easily track misconfigurations in one’s system. 


This inadequacy in management led to hackers’ full access. Major credentials should remain private and secure. However, these are what attackers seek most. 

Whenever an attacker has the credentials, he gains full access. This often results in cryptojacking and losing sensitive data. And of course, data breaches.

It should be a company’s top priority to secure their credentials. Also, remove the unused credentials.


This type of attack is often done using phishing methods. Again, this targets the full access to highly sensitive data. Account hijacking can lead to full control of the account. Also, with its services and all information within that account.

Thus, the consequences of this are highly damaging. Aside from intrusions, it can fully bring down business assets. 


These insiders may be coming from existing or former employees. Moreover, it could be a contractor and another trusted third party. These people have access. As a result, they may be using their current access to harm.

According to a recent study, there are more than 30% of insider threats in two years. Additionally, this incident amounts to over 11 million dollars!

In Conclusion

Cyberattacks are also proactive with their ways and tactics. Today, this type of crime may be inevitable. However, as cloud users, we can do our thing.

Thanks to the CSA Cloud Security Alliance report. The top threats that attack our computer systems are preventable. Making use of automation tools can help. Furthermore, being a mindful user is a must. Most of all, good and proactive management aids a lot in cybersecurity. 

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