Cybersecurity Can Be

Cybersecurity Can Be Described As?


For some reason, many are having difficulties on how to understand cybersecurity. Therefore, in this article, we will describe cybersecurity in as simple a way as we can.

What Is Cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer data, programs, and networks from unauthorized access, change, destruction, or use. We can also describe cybersecurity as the protection of vital networks and systems from criminals the following:

  • Activity,
  • hacking or malignant malfunctioning. 

Also, it is a practice of protecting information and computer systems from the following:

  • unauthorized access,
  • destruction or modification by individuals,
  • organizations or governments.

What Is The Purpose Of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer data, programs, and networks from unauthorized access, change, destruction, or use. It is necessary for the safety of the nation.

It is essential for the protection of critical infrastructure. So it will include the following:

  • national security systems,
  • banking systems,
  • transport systems and utility services. 

It is also essential to protect personal privacy and maintain individual freedom. The most important thing that cybersecurity ensures is that no one can invade our privacy.

Importance Of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a hot topic since most countries are becoming more reliant on computer technology to function effectively. Therefore, it has become crucial to ensure that all the data is secure.

Otherwise, if there are breaches in cybersecurity, it can cause serious damage to national security as well as individual privacy.

Cybersecurity helps us to protect our data on the web. By preventing hacking activities that result in identity theft and fraud.

Who Is Responsible For Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is managed by different agencies around the world depending on the country’s laws and regulations.

Moreover, the responsibility of cybersecurity will bring and help us to prevent identity theft. So it is one of the most common threats on the internet.

The Internet is a place where hackers break into our systems and steal our identities. It can also, our banking accounts, credit cards, or any other financial accounts.

Therefore, without cybersecurity, we will not be secure anywhere whether it is at home or the workplace.

Cybersecurity helps us to maintain our privacy where we cannot be tracked online without our permission.

If someone tries to track us online then we will know about it. Because each device connected to the internet must have an IP address.

IP is which means Internet Protocol Address where every device is connected to the internet.

Also, the IP address is unique to that device. Thus, we can expose the identity of a person if he tries to track us online.

How To Spot A Scam?

Spotting a scam is not a big deal today. You can easily find out whether it’s a scam or not by following some simple tips.

1) Never Give Your Personal Information To Someone You Do Not Know:

It is one of the most common scams used by fraudsters. They will contact you for asking personal information.

Never give your personal information to solve a problem. Instead, ask for their name and company’s address then tell them that you will check with them in few days.

2) Do Not Pay Anything For Free:

If someone offers you a gift or money, do not fall for it. It is a common scam used by fraudsters to con innocent people out of their money.

The fraudsters will ask you to pay for shipping fees or taxes before they can send the gift or money to you. Instead, ask them to waive the payment first.

Then they will send your gift or money to you after some time.

3) Do Not Give Out Your Personal Information On Social Networking Websites:

Cybercriminals can track down your location by hacking into social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. They use this information for stealing your identity and other personal information.

So that is necessary for committing frauds on various sites or networks of various companies around the world. Therefore, you must disable your location settings on these social networking websites.

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