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How Cybersecurity is Important Today

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Does someone ever ask you how cybersecurity is important? Have you also ask yourself the same question? Well, this article will help you.

Read on to learn more.

Cybersecurity is important because it guards all types of data from theft and damage. This includes:

  • sensitive data, 
  • personally identifiable information,
  • protected health information,
  • personal information, 
  • intellectual property
  • data, and 
  • industry information systems.

Organizations cannot defend themselves against data breach campaigns. Making it a tempting target for cybercriminals. That will also happen if you do not have a cybersecurity program.

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If you are not yet worried about cybersecurity. We will also discuss why you should be.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the act or process of protecting computer systems. And also, networks and devices from different types of cyberattacks. 

Cyber attacks are a more complex and growing danger to your sensitive data. 

As attackers apply new methods powered by social engineering and artificial intelligence. For them to also bypass traditional security controls. 

We cannot deny the fact that the world is more reliant on technology. And its reliance also will continue. 

As we start to pass it to the next generation of smart Internet-dependent devices. That also have access to our networks via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

How Cybersecurity is Important?

Cybersecurity’s importance is undeniable. Its importance is on the rise. Something that is also really obvious in today’s digital world.

Basically, that is because our society is more technologically reliant. Than it has ever been before. And there is also no sign that this trend will slow. 

So data leaks are now posted to the public through social media accounts. And this also could result in identity theft.

Today, there is also a cloud storage service. Like Dropbox or Google Drive. This is also where they store sensitive information. Such as credit card, bank account, and security number information.

Governments all over the world are giving more attention to cybercrimes. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a great example. 

What role does GDPR play?

It has developed the damages of data breaches. By making all organizations that operate in the EU to:

  • Require user consent to rule information
  • Report data breaches
  • Anonymize information for privacy
  • Select a data protection manager 

There are data breach laws in over 50 states. And the commonalities include: 

  • The terms to notify those effect as soon as possible
  • Inform the government as soon as possible
  • Most likely to pay fine

Today’s Impact of Cybercrime

Reputational Cost

You will lose your consumer’s trust. And also your future customers. They will most likely support your competitors. And you will also have poor media coverage.

Economic Cost

Stealing of intellectual property and corporate data. Interruption in trading. And also the cost of fixing the damaged system.

Regulatory Cost

GDPR and other data breach laws mean that your company could suffer. From regulatory fines or sanctions as a result of cybercrimes


All companies, whatever the size. Needs to make sure that all staffs understand cybersecurity threats. And they should also know how to lessen them. 

This should include regular and intensive training. And a structure to work with. That aims to decrease the risk of data leaks.

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