what cybersecurity means to you

What Cybersecurity Means To You

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What is cybersecurity? And what cybersecurity means to you? Do want to know the answer to that question? This article is perfect for you!

Read on to learn more.

What Cybersecurity Means To You?

The idea of cybersecurity is global. We know it exists. And we know it is important. But, a more exact definition has proved tricky. 

Other experts have tried to simplify its meaning. But there also remains no definite scope of cybersecurity.

There are many definitions available. And none in accurate agreement with one another. It also feels like a minefield. Planning a way forward to defend the company against the specter of cybersecurity.

Learning the deeper meanings of cybersecurity. And also how to guard users against cybercrime has become unclear. 

Others use the term ‘cyber attack’ when the effects of cybercrime are so severe. Also, that it already needs state intervention. Because of its broad and damaging nature.

Cybercrime can be a “malicious attack to software, networks, and computers ”.

To simplify this very complex issue. Try to think about it the other way. Compare it also to how kidnappers plan.

Hackers are no different from kidnappers. They are most likely to be similar. 

First, they watch where people go. Second, they identify where their victim is going to be vulnerable. Third, and then they finally attack.

Cybersecurity is a broader business risk. It is also not merely a technology risk. Defending the business must also consider not as an issue. But it is a team-wide duty. That concerns all staff and stakeholders.

Sample Definitions of Cybersecurity

Cyberspace Confidentiality

The access and operations are connected with security risk management. The companies and states follow it. What do they do?

They protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Of all the data and assets used in cyberspace. 

The idea includes the following:

  • guidelines, 
  • policies,
  • collections of safeguards, 
  • technologies, 
  • tools and 
  • training

This is to provide the greatest protection. For the cyber environment and its users.

Human and Computer

Humans must protect machines. That is also attacked by other humans using also machines. 

So, also to the important traditional fields of computer science. Electrical engineering and views from other fields are well needed.

The following are the cyber hacker trades in digital heists:

  • spying
  • disinformation
  • market manipulation and 
  • disruption of infrastructure, 
  • data theft,
  • extortion and also
  • vandalism.

To beat a human threat. Cybersecurity plans need to be as intelligent as their opponent. 

This requires universal solutions. That is across different joined systems. And moving on to insights from experts. That is also across a wide network of disciplines.

Cybersecurity and Information Security

Information security is the protection of information. And also systems from unauthorized access.

So, cybersecurity is the ability to defend the use of cyberspace. From tons of cybercrimes.

Information security is more widely accepted and understood. It’s been around for decades now. 

While they are different from each other. And they also need different approaches to maintain security. 

But, there is enough overlap that they will always need to be together in tandem.

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