Information Security Importance

Information Security Importance In A Company Process

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In this discussion, we will tackle the importance of information security. Also, let us discuss the types of cyberattacks.

The Information Security Importance

Why is information security is important? The answer is simple: it is a necessity.

If a company does not have a good information security system. So they can experience so many negative impacts.

What is the impact of information security? In the past, information security has been focused to protect sensitive data. 

It is from being disclosed to unauthorized individuals or organizations. In recent years, the situation has changed. 

Now the focus is on the prevention of cyberattacks to prevent unauthorized access. It can access the system itself rather than the data.

So the Internet has been used by people in all walks of life for business, daily life, and socializing. As a sociable tool, it is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

During a cyberattack, a hacker or a group of hackers will try to steal confidential information. It is from an organization’s computer system by stealing passwords.

Also, installing malware software to take control of computers. This can cause huge losses in business operations.

Moreover, a financial condition and customer relations. The recent increase in the number of cyber-attacks.

It shows why it is important for us to pay attention to information security. To protect our privacy and assets against these threats. 

It is not only about protecting our computer systems but also protecting our privacy. Moreover, assets are against these threats.

Types Of Cyber Attacks

Now let us discuss the cyber attacks. So the cyber-attacks are getting more aggressive these days.

So more effort is needed to prevent them before they happen. This will be easier if we know what we are facing and how these cyber-attacks work. 

Here are some common types of cyber-attacks that you should be aware of from the following:


Hacktivism refers to politically motivated hacking activities conducted by non-state actors. Those who wish to promote their cause through cyberspace. 

This type of threat can come from various groups like activists, anarchists. Also, terrorists use illegal methods like Denial of Service (DoS), Deface Web Site (DWS).

Moreover, the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks specific websites for propaganda purposes.


Phishing is one of the most common forms of cyberattacks. That can occur when you least expect it.

It involves an attacker that poses as an established business. Also, websites asking for confidential information like account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, etc.

Data breach

A data breach occurs when confidential information is stored on computer systems. These are exposed without explicit permission from authorized individuals


Malware/Virus is software programs designed specifically for causing damage to computer systems. Also, stealing data from those systems.

They differ from other software programs because they are created with malicious intent. 

Social engineering

Social engineering is a very common method of cyberattacks. They involve the use of social methods to trick people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. 

Also, allowing unauthorized access to computer systems and networks. 

Pharming/Phishing Website

Pharming/Phishing Website is a fake website. That looks like the legitimate one of a business or government agency. 

They can trick users into providing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, etc. 

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