What Cybersecurity Is

Introducing: What Cybersecurity Is?

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Many of us are wondering what cybersecurity is. So to learn about cybersecurity we will tackle it with you.

What Cybersecurity Is?

Cybersecurity is the protection of information, networks, and computers from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are carried out by computer hackers.

Cybersecurity features are in the following:

1. Cybersecurity is the protection of information, networks, and computers from cyber attacks. Hackers usually attack computer systems to steal your valuable information.

Or damage your computer system.

2. Cybersecurity should be properly managed to prevent cyber attacks. It is to save valuable information and money. 

You should protect your network with anti-virus software, firewalls, intrusion detection systems. Moreover, encryption technology, and other security technologies. 

This is to prevent hackers from performing cyber attacks on your network.

How Important Is Cybersecurity In The Industry?

Cybersecurity is very important in the industry. Cybersecurity helps protect your valuable information and your computer systems. 

So you should know about your computer system such as laptops. Moreover, desktops and smartphones are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

It is not safe if you don’t have cybersecurity protection. Furthermore, you can lose your confidential information and money through cyber attacks. 

Many of us still think that we can use the internet without protection. Because we think that we can’t be hacked easily. 

However, we forget that we are not safe from cyber attacks. Even if we don’t use the internet for doing illegal actions. 

Hackers are now targeting online devices such as routers, modems, smart TVs, smartwatches, etc. Routers are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

It is because they are used to connecting multiple devices to the internet. So you should protect your router with a firewall or anti-virus software.

This is to prevent it from being attacked by hackers.

What Are The Types of Cyber Attacks?

There are different types of cyberattacks. We will list them below for you: 

1- Phishing Attack: 

Phishing attacks, it is carried out by hackers to steal your personal information or money. This is by sending fake emails or websites to you via spam mail. 

Phishing emails usually appear as if they are sent from the company. That you have previously done business with. 

Thus you are likely to open these emails and visit their website. You will then provide details about yourself on their fake website without realizing that it is a fake website.

They are created by hackers to steal your personal information or money. 

2- Malware Attack: 

A malware attack is similar to a phishing attack in which hackers send fake emails. Or websites to you via spam email or SMS messages for stealing your personal information.

Moreover, money or damaging your computer system. 

3- Social Engineering Attack: 

These Social engineering attacks are carried out by hackers. It is to steal your confidential information or money. 

It is by pretending to be someone else who you trust. So such as a company employee or customer service representative of that company. 

Moreover, someone else who has authority over you like a law enforcement officer, etc. These are the some of types of cyber-attacks that will encounter every company.

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