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ISO27K Certification Basics That You Should Know

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The Iso27000 Series, or ISO27K for short, is composed of information security standards. The Iso27K certification is designed to address information security issues that organizations face.

Also, it is known as the ISO/IEC 27001 family of standards.

In this article, we’re going to look deeper into its meaning and what it is for.

Information Security Management System

Furthermore, the ISO27k certification specifically aims to implement an ISMS. It means the Information Security Management System. ISMS is an organized approach consisting of people, technology, and processes.

It helps you protect and manage your organization’s information. Aside from that, ISMS uses effective risk management.

Moreover, ISMS focuses on three aspects. Easily remember this by C.I.A. Namely, Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

1. Confidentiality

The information is accessible only to authorized people, processes, and groups. It will never be available to unauthorized ones.

2. Integrity

The information is complete and correct, and protected from corruption.

3. Availability

The information can be easily accessed. In addition, it must be used when needed by authorized users.

Why You Should Implement An ISMS

If you think that your business is not a target for cyber-attack, think again. Data breaches are getting worse day-by-day. But, many businesses assume that they will never experience one.

Your organization needs information security as a city needs secured borders. As a result, it can prevent the majority of the cyber-attacks and help you to prepare for a breach.

Secure your information with the help of ISMS. Thus, reduce the costs made by cyber-attacks. Also, increase your protection against it.

Relation Of ISMS To ISO27K Certification

ISO27001 is the international standard that provides the best specific practices. Furthermore, ISMS covers compliance requirements. IS027001 is all about specifications. Aside from this, ISO27002 recommends best practices. And use it to enforce the specifications.


This standard explains the best practice for information security management. This is the main standard in the ISO27K certification series. Moreover, is is the only standard that organizations can be audited or certified against.

Why is that? ISO27001 summarizes everything a business must do to achieve compliance.

ISO27001 Requires That Management Should:

1. Design and implement a sensible and detailed suite of information security controls. And/or other forms of risk treatment (e.g. risk avoidance or risk transfer) to address those risks

2. Examine-in an organized way the information security risks. Also, taking account of the threats, weaknesses, and impacts

3. Adopt an extensive process. Moreover, it is to make sure that the security controls will meet the organization’s needs.

Benefits Of ISO27K Certification

Data breaches are costly and greatly damages your business’ reputation. Information security is one of the most important things an organization must consider. As a result, countless incidents occur every month – cyber-attacks are not uncommon.

Risk-Based Security conducts a report. It says, more than 3800 data breaches occurred in 2019. It increased by 54% over the last four years. Cybercriminals commonly hack the database. As a result, cause employees to lose or misappropriation of information. 

That’s why organizations are now investing in getting ISO27K certification. Furthermore, this applies to businesses of all sizes. Because of the certification’s broadness. Thus, investing in it is worth it.

To conclude, this video has more details.

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