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How to Work in Cybersecurity Without Degree

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Keep in mind that you can work in cybersecurity without degree. However, you may need to exert more effort than degree holders to land a job. This article serves as a guide on how to achieve that. 

Reasons why you can work in cybersecurity without degree

The market is in employee’s favor 

An employer doesn’t always get what they want. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing rapidly, especially that we are more reliant on technology than ever. Employers are having a hard time filling positions. 

As result, they consider hiring candidates with less college or work experience and train them up in a house. In other words, employees are either willing or forced due to the market’s condition. 

A degree isn’t a regulated requirement 

Cybersecurity doesn’t have a regulating body or structure. Compare that to the medicine industry whereas you must have a medical degree before landing a job. This is not the case with technical fields like cybersecurity. Employers can hire whomever they want, including those without a degree. 

Certifications can fill in as a substitute for a degree

Fortunately, cybersecurity has a lot of alternatives for a degree, namely certifications. This fact has helped thousands of pros to build a career in cybersecurity without degree. 

College isn’t the only way to learn

Let’s take again the medical industry as an example. The only legitimate way to learn medicine is by enrolling in a university or college. Again, that is not the case for cybersecurity. You have a lot of learning options besides college. This includes trade schools, technical schools, and online learning programs. Moreover, these options usually cost far less than college.

Many professionals have done it 

A lot of professionals that are well established in the field don’t have a degree themselves. If they did it, you can absolutely do it, too. 

Why enroll in a college cybersecurity program anyway 

The reasons above don’t mean that you should completely ditch the journey in obtaining a degree. A college security program offers numerous benefits that will certainly help you at some point in your career. 

For instance, college programs are usually very good at helping students build writing and communication skills. Keep in mind that such skills are highly valuable in the field. You will need to communicate technical terms to not-so-tech-savvy customers. 

Furthermore, enrolling in college enables you to be around other people who want to better themselves, too. Being in such a positive environment is extremely valuable. That is especially when you’re having doubts about whether you can stay on the course and find success. 

Enrolling in college also proves to employers that you are actively working to better yourself. Employers are well aware that graduating from college takes time. Moreover, they are more likely to hire someone with a cybersecurity degree. 

Meanwhile, not pursuing college can make it seem to employers that you lack the motivation to pursue your education. So if your circumstances allow you, why not go to college?

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