E-business Information Security

What Is E-business Information Security?

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One of the popular things today is E-business information security. Therefore, let us know what this is all about.

The E-business Information Security

E-business information security is the process of managing and protecting information and data. So within and across corporate boundaries in a way that allows for the exchange of electronic data.

This is done via the use of computers, networks, and other telecommunications instruments.

E-Business Information Security Objectives

There are three major objectives of E-business information security:

1. Confidentiality

This ensures that only authorized persons have access to the electronic data, and these people can only see what is meant to be seen by them.

2. Integrity

It means that all transactions should be valid and authorized. Also, that it should reach its proper destination. It should also reach it unaltered, meaning that no changes should be made to the data while in transit.

3. Availability

This refers to the electronic data being available when needed, and it should be protected from unauthorized use or destruction. So e-business information security uses various methods to ensure these objectives are met.

For example, passwords are used for confidentiality, cryptographic algorithms or digital signatures are used for integrity, firewalls are used for availability, etc.

The Evolving Business Needs in Information Security

Information technology has changed everything in business from how we conduct business to how we work at home every day. In today’s world where innovation is a must for business survival. 

So companies need to be able to adapt fast to changing customer needs and demands. The race is on in a tough economic environment worldwide. 

In which businesses need a competitive edge over their rivals. So to survive in the cutthroat dog eat dog world of business today.

As competition heats up within businesses. As well as between businesses all over the globe.

Moreover, companies that fail to innovate fast enough will face extinction or being bought by their rivals at a bargain price.

Those who fail to adapt quickly enough will lose out. Because customers have a lot more choices today than ever before. So thanks to information technology which has given them instant access to what is available all over the globe.

With just one click of your mouse button at your fingertips wherever you are. 

How Businesses Use E-Business Information Security?

There are various ways in which businesses use e-business information security. These are the following:

1. Businesses have their data stored on servers at their branches, offices, factories, warehouses, etc.

2. Businesses have branches or offices at different locations that need to be kept in touch with one another for smooth business operations.

3. Businesses need to transmit data between two or more of their branches, offices, factories, and warehouses, etc. 

4. Companies have departments that work on different products or services. So we need to communicate with each other for effective business operations.

For example, a company has a marketing department that needs to share data with the sales department. It is for effective marketing and sales operations, which in turn needs to share data with the finance department for effective finance operations etc. 

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