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Land a Job in Cybersecurity Without Experience

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Can you really land a job in cybersecurity without experience? The simple answer is no. You need to gain the needed skills and experience from somewhere. Fortunately, you have a number of options to obtain this experience. This article serves as a guide on how to land a job in cybersecurity without experience. 

Having a technical background in a related area

While you may not have any cybersecurity experience, knowledge in other computing areas is valuable. Many computing technologies are applicable in cybersecurity. Hence, having experience in computing gives you a head start in learning the security aspects of the subject.

For instance, having experience in programming makes it much easier for you to notice malicious code. Meanwhile, networking knowledge is very useful if you have been hired as a penetration tester or ethical hacker.

The Internet is another key area of cybersecurity as hackers make it a primary tool for exploitation. Hence, it is a must for cybersecurity professionals to be well equipped for these kinds of threats. This makes it easier for web developers to shift into cybersecurity. Their knowledge of web technologies is likely vast and extensive. 

These are just some examples proving that a technical background makes it much easier to shift to cybersecurity. 

Obtain a degree

Obtaining a degree might require a huge investment. However, the return on investment is certainly massive. For instance, many of the best cybersecurity jobs are only available to degree holders. Moreover, degree holders usually get higher salaries due to their advanced knowledge and skills. 

Degree programs will help you build a deeper understanding of the subject. They are also a great way to build a strong work ethic. After all, employers want someone who does not only work for the sake of receiving a paycheck. 

If you are not in the position to make this investment, it does not mean your chances of entering the field are ruined. Read on to see a fantastic alternative to this more traditional method. 

Obtain professional certifications

Certifications are easier to complete than a degree program. Certifications often focus on key areas of a subject instead of the topic as a whole. Cybersecurity certifications tackle key topics including ethical hacking, cryptography, and security analysis. 

Some certifications are cheaper than most degree programs. However, many of them are still costly investments. If you don’t have much money to spare, this might be less viable. However, try checking in for any available professional funding. 

Degree holder or not, professional certifications are crucial in advancing your career. The top jobs in the field usually require certifications as well. Moreover, certifications are a way to prove you have the must-have skillset to succeed. 


There are plenty of online learning resources for cybersecurity. In fact, many of them are free. Hence, self-learning is the cheapest option to land a job in cybersecurity without experience. 

Yet, take note that the quality of your learning largely depends on your commitment to this approach. Self-learning platforms usually don’t have any strict deadlines so it is easier to adopt a lazy work ethic. 

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