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Six Cyber Security Tips for Employees

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Learn cyber security tips for employees.

The article focuses on the importance of cyber security for employees, and it provides six tips to help with this. 

For example, it talks about how employees should make sure their passwords are secure and not too easy for someone to guess. It also talks about installing software and using a firewall, two other ways to help with cyber security. It also mentions how having a company practice cyber security puts everyone, especially employees, in a safer position.

Why Employees should Learn About Cybersecurity

Employees should learn cybersecurity because it is important for all businesses.

For instance, cybercrime and its differential impact on government and business. More so, cybercrime is becoming more complex, but also it has not been taken seriously enough. The effects can have huge consequences for both businesses and governments.

Six Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

Employees should follow the six cybersecurity tips below.

1. Keep Your Passwords Safe

The first tip is to keep your passwords safe. You should use complex passwords, and you should change them frequently. In addition, only share your passwords with people you trust.

2. Use Strong Security Software

The second tip is to use strong security software on your computer and your mobile devices. You should also make sure that your security software is up to date. Also, you should never leave a device unattended while it is connected to the internet or while it is charging. This is because hackers can access the device using malware and other methods, such as phishing scams.

3. Use a Firewall

The third tip for cyber security is to use a firewall on your computer if your employer requires it. This will protect you from viruses, spyware, and other harmful threats that can attack your computer and phone via the internet or through USB drives. You should never plug in any USB drive that you did not know the source of or that you did not ask for permission to plugin first. Also, never click on any links in email messages from unknown sources or emails that ask for personal information. If an email seems suspicious, do not open it or do anything with it until you have checked with someone at work about it.

4. Password-Protect Your Computer

The fourth tip for cyber security is to password-protect your computer if your employer requires it, so that no one can access it without permission unless they know the password. When using public Wi-Fi networks, avoid logging into any sensitive accounts such as shopping sites or financial accounts and making online purchases when using public Wi-Fi networks.

5. Log Out of Your Computers and Phones after Every Use

The fifth tip is to log out of your computers and phones after every use. You should also make sure that you do not leave any devices unattended while they are logged in to a social media or email account, as these can be hacked easily.

6. Make Sure Your New Cell Phone is Secure

The sixth tip is to make sure your new cell phone is secure. After buying the phone, you should immediately change the password on the phone and any accounts associated with it. You should also download any security software needed and turn on automatic updates for that software.


Cyber security is important for all businesses. Employees should follow the six tips above to help with cyber security. By doing so, maintaining a cyber-safe business is more possible.

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