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Whichever you may call it- cyber attack or cyberattack. These attacks threaten the business industry more and more today. Acknowledge that you can be a victim. What is a cyber attack or cyberattack? How pervasive is it today?

What Is Cyber Attack Or Cyberattack?

This type of attack launched by cybercriminals. One or more computers used to attack a single or several other computers or networks. What does it do?
It can:

  • Disable computers
  • Steal data (even secured ones)
  • Use a breached computer as a launch point for other attacks

Methods used may include but are not limited to:

  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Denial of Service

Cyberattack Attacking

A cyber attack or cyberattack depends on criminal intent. It could be just random. Otherwise, could be targeted. As a result, it throws organizations off their defenses and security.

First, in 2017, cyberattack news was dominated by Mega Ransomware attacks. Not to mention WannaCry and NotPetya. Additionally, 2018 also had the crypto miners’ attacks. This is made into the headlines. Moreover, last year, phishing email cyber attacks remained a constant thorn for most of the organizations.

Cybercriminals For Hire?

Have you heard of the job post? Yes, you’ve heard it right! Cybercriminals for hire. Do you know that 78% of hackers have better compete for a career opportunity? Their hacking experience helped them so.

The Darknet is used to enlist the tag “Hackers for Hire”. Moreover, these cybercriminals use this platform to buy and sell information. Just how criminal is that? They even hire more hackers!

Cybercrime truly has become one of today’s fast-growing forms of crime. Consider that on average, $200,000 costs the businesses of all sizes for these digital incidents. Sadly, 60% go out of business within a matter of 6 months from being attacked.

Cyberattack And The Work From Home Era

Do you know that 20% of the organizations today have experienced data breaches because of remote work?

The Malwarebytes- Enduring from the Home report shows that cyberattack opportunities and breaches increased. As a result of the work from the home initiative. Since the pandemic, 20% of respondents reported a security breach. Additionally, 24% of responders also paid unexpected expenses in addressing a breach and malware attack.

The Causes

Aside from the work from the home initiative, consider these factors that contributed to the vulnerability of cyberattacks.

Personal Devices For Work

28% of the respondents admit that they are using their devices to work more than their work-issued devices. This creates more chances for cyberattacks.

No Anti-Virus

Organizations did not urge their employees to use antivirus for their devices. This amounts to 61% of respondents who reported such.

Phishing Emails

A surge of phishing emails increased. COVID-19 topic served as the hook to cover up malicious activity. Commercial malware such as AveMariaand NetWiredRC contains the email. Remote desktop access, webcam control, and password theft are all possible and more.

These causes may appear so simple. But the results are destructive. Cyberattack criminal activity has dramatically increased today. Consider innovating your risk mitigation plans. Additionally, always be aware of the danger and your vulnerability. This means business.

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