Information Security Threats

Top 10 Information Security Threats

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Let us discuss the top 10 threats in information security you should watch out for. We will discuss it in detail so we will be aware of it.

Information Security Threats

The top 10 information security threats stated below are the most common information security threats in the world today. So these threats can be prevented or avoided by using encryption technology on your computer or mobile device.

Using encryption technology in your computer or mobile device will help you to protect your files and data from the following:

  • Hackers,
  • Spammers,
  • crackers and cybercriminals

We will discuss each one of these threats in a brief statement. So we will be able to understand how it works and add some awareness to us.

Fraudulent Emails

Fraudulent emails are sent to users to fool them to visit a malicious website. It is emails are usually masked as legitimate emails with the help of email spoofing.

Spoofing is an attempt to mislead the users into thinking that it’s a legitimate email. We will discuss “spoofing” later in this article.

Phishing attempt

Phishing is an attempt to steal user information via the following:

  • fraudulent emails,
  • phone calls,
  • instant messages,
  • text messages, etc.

It is done by using spoofing techniques along with the use of fake websites. Phishing is used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information.

Social Engineering Attempts

Social Engineering is an attempt to trick users into revealing their system’s confidential information. So without the use of any technical means or hacking attempts.

It means that no machines or equipment are used in social engineering attacks. It is simple but very effective because of human beings.

Denial of Service Attacks

Attackers will try to crash your server by flooding your server with massive amounts of traffic. This will prevent legitimate users from accessing the server and using the services.

It is very annoying and costly to stop these attacks once they start. It is very important to be prepared and know how to protect your website and services from these kinds of attacks.

Vulnerable Third-Party Software Applications

Third-party software applications are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These applications are usually installed in the user’s machine for them to use it.

These applications contain important information that can be used by malicious users. To launch a cyber attack because the information in these applications is not protected by encryption technology.

Exploiting Unpatched Systems or Programs

A zero-day attack is an attack that exploits a security hole in an unknown computer program. Also, it is that the vendor of the program has not yet released a security patch for it. 

For this type of attack to be successful, the attacker must know this security hole. It is a must before the vendor has released a patch for it. Because once a patch is released, it can easily be patched by IT administrators or system administrators.

Malicious Attacks

Malicious insiders are employees who have been granted access to confidential information. But have malicious intentions with regards to this information.

Hacking, Spamming, Cracking, Ddos, Cybercrime, etc.

Hackers are people who use computers or computer networks to illegally obtain information. They are also known as crackers.

So you must protect your website and servers from these kinds of attacks because they can bring you big losses financially, reputation-wise and even in terms of revenue.

Theft or Destruction of Confidential Records/Data etc.

It is an attempt to steal or destroy confidential data without first gaining access to the target’s network. So it is via other means such as social engineering or cracking.

It can be done by using USB drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Also, it can be done by destroying the storage devices like hard drives and flash drives that contain confidential data. An example of this attack would be an insider employee who does not like his employer and decides to destroy his data by sabotage.

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