Cyber Attacks Trends

Top Cyber Attacks Trends In 2020 To Watch Out

Cyber Attack

Cyberattack is in its new strike as the Next Normal requires more people to be techy. Check out this post find out more about Top Cyber Attacks Trends.

Top Cyber Attacks Trends In 2020 To Watch Out


As public cloud environments are increasingly popular, cyber-attacks aiming at resources and sensitive data living on these platforms have increased. In 2019, continuing the pattern in 2018, the cloud environment was already at the greatest danger from activity, such as misconfiguration and inadequate use of cloud infrastructure.

This trend has resulted in a wide range of attacks on subject cloud assets. This year, mis-configured cloud environments were among the leading causes of a vast number of international organizations’ attacks and incidents involving data theft.

With upgraded technology capable of evading essential cloud security products, cloud encryption campaigns have increased. Docker host reveals, and the crypto-mining operations by rivals shut down in the cloud.
The amount of attacks against public cloud infrastructures has also risen for researchers at the Check Point.

Mobile device attacks

Malicious actors tailor their tactics and strategies to the virtual environment from the general danger landscape. Banking malware successfully infiltrated the mobile cyber arena over 50 percent more than in 2018.
Besides malware drove away the increasing usage of mobile bank apps able to access payment, passwords, and money from the victims’ bank accounts. It is now a traveling hazard that is very normal.

Normal Cyber Attack

Although cyber attacks are prevalent, data from Checkpoint show that 99% of companies do not protect themselves adequately.
A cyber assault can, however, stop. A multi-layered, all-web infrastructure, endpoints, mobile hardware, and clouds are the cornerstone of cyber-defense.
You will improve the management of multiple defense levels and control strategies from a single glass with the right design. That enables you to connect events through all network, web, and mobile technology environments.

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