Cybersecurity Landscape

What is The Cybersecurity Landscape?

Cyber Security

What are the basics parts of our cybersecurity landscape? Also, what is the importance of knowing these parts?

Introduction About The Cybersecurity Landscape

Globally, we are experiencing an increase in cybercrimes. Why is that? Because hackers, today almost targeting everything. It includes individuals, small groups, organizations, and even our government. 

Therefore, one of the only solutions to avoid such an event to happen is to be knowledgeable. Especially that, we can not avoid the fact that using computers and the cloud is an advantage.

Moreover, some take it as a must. Such as in our modern lifestyles where it revolves around technology. We are mostly present in our web organizations.

Therefore, as users, we need to be more aware by increasing our insight when it comes to cybersecurity. So, you need to know more about the cybersecurity landscape.

The cybersecurity landscape will help us to know about the safety status of our data. 

Our Cybersecurity Crime Statistics 

It covers the issues in the data breaches and cyberattack attacks that occur in a year. So the statistics show that there are almost 4,000 attacks in a day.

Therefore, it leaves us a total of 1,500,000 attacks a year. But, these statistics also show that every year the attack is increasing.

However, because of this result, the black market cybersecurity tools can increase profits. They are selling the tools in a very relatively low amount.

In addition, because of the increase in attacks, our technology advances also. Starting from local to global society.

Mostly, people nowadays are more digitized. Also, it includes that people are more in use of the internet and mobile devices.

Lastly, companies of any size are now utilizing security measures. Using data protection and encryption.

The Cyber Crime Targets

Here is a classification of the attacks that happen in a year. For the insider actors below is the summary report.

  • Payment cards for almost 11%.
  • Employees data for 33%.
  • Intellectual for 15%.
  • Customer data for 27%.
  • Other financial is about 14%

The below is the summary for the external actors.

  • Payment cards for almost 15%
  • Employees data for 28%
  • Intellectual for 14%
  • Customer data for 32%
  • Other financial is about 15%

Also, let us know who are these actors:

  • The hacktivist, they use the computer network exploitation. Also, use it to have advancement in political issues.
  • Individuals or criminals in enterprises that stealing information. The information they steal is used, to extort their victims into financial gain.
  • The terrorist group, use to sabotage computer systems. So on what purpose? They want to launch an attack in the most critical infrastructure.

Invest in Having A Cybersecurity In Place

The attack is increasing and that can make you fear. Therefore, to reduce the fear you invest in cybersecurity.

It is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in the market. Therefore, cybercrime is also profitable more than drugs and stolen cars.

Cybercrimes have an impact on almost every one of us. However, it impacts more traders. 

Why is that? Because crimes in cyber could render our data and even our systems to be inoperable. Therefore, it is a great loss for many of us.
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