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When Was Cyber Security Created?

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Let us now have a flashback. When was cyber security created? Also, how did it come into existence? Let’s begin. 


We all know that our world has been experiencing a rapid change in the world of technology. The pace at which the world is changing is quite fast and sometimes, we get confused. 

This constant change has opened up new doors for us. By which we can get access to information and services from anywhere in the globe.

But along with this, it has also created a lot of challenges and threats for us to face and overcome. Our online identities and online properties can be hacked and can be stolen or destroyed by hackers at any time. 

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This has given rise to cyber security, which has given birth to many new job roles and schools. 

Cyber security is simply explained as “the protection of the following: computer hardware, software, data, people, facilities, and other assets from disruption or unauthorized access”. In simple words, cyber security is the protection of assets from online attacks. 

When was Cyber Security Created? 

It was created in the 1990s when several large-scale incidents occurred.

All these incidents were a wake-up call for all the governments. So across the globe that they need to take measures against such activities.

After these incidents, various government agencies started taking measures. So they are able to improve their cyber security by creating laws and regulations regarding cyber security. 

In 1999, a report published by this commission was called Protecting America’s Critical Infrastructure. Also, it is the First Report of The President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.

In this report, there were a few recommendations that were made considering various aspects of cyber security. Such as the following:

  • Physical infrastructure protection
  • information technology infrastructure protection
  • personnel training, etc. 

These recommendations led to the creation of various policies related to cyber security in both government and private sectors across the globe. 

In 2001 President Bush signed an executive order called “Presidential Decision Directive/NSC-63”. So it is identified the importance of protecting computer systems from the threat of cyber terrorism.

Also, developed a framework for organizing such efforts in the public and private sectors. 

Nowadays, we see that every government around the globe is taking steps towards improving its cyber security. So they are creating laws and regulations regarding cyber security to protect its citizens from cyber crimes like identity theft etc.

Why Is It Important to Know?

There are many reasons why it is important to know about cyber security. Some of them are listed below. 

1. It helps us understand the threats faced by us daily on the internet. 

2. It helps us protect our information, identity, property, etc.. from hackers on the internet.

3. It helps us understand the different roles of cyber security professionals who are involved in safeguarding assets from online attacks. 

To Conclude!

Cyber Security is like a shield that protects us from the threats of the digital world. It is an essential need in our modern age.

Cyber security has made our lives easier in many ways.

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