Cybersecurity Be Automated

Will Cybersecurity Be Automated?

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One of the interesting topics so far is about cybersecurity to be automated. Now let us learn if it is possible?

The Automation And Cybersecurity

Automation is a process of controlling a process by a machine. In a very simple language, it means that you leave the work to the machine. So let’s now find out if this process can also be used for cybersecurity.

First of all, let us find out if there can be automated cybersecurity or not. It will have advantages over manual cyber security jobs, right? Some people may think that this will not be possible.

Why? Because it involves human intelligence and human decision-making instead of relying on machines.

But what about the current technologies already available today? Can we use them to achieve automated cybersecurity? Let us discuss further.

Automated Cybersecurity With Current Technologies

Let us assume that there are already several technologies available for automated cyber security jobs. These are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), neural networks (NN), and other similar technologies that are used for computer vision and natural language processing (NLP). Can these technologies help with automated cybersecurity?

According to experts, AI has become part of daily life due to its various features. Such as automation, self-learning, self-healing, prediction, autonomous operation, etc.

Which makes it very useful for many applications. Such as image recognition, speech recognition, robot control, automatic robot operation, etc. 

Automation of cybersecurity will improve the work of professionals. It will reduce the burden on information security professionals.

It will also eliminate some level of human error.

The automated cybersecurity system can use artificial intelligence to detect an attack faster than a human being. It can also respond faster in case of an attack.

It is because it can detect and respond in real-time. The response time of an automated system is very fast.

It takes less than one second for an automated system to react to a data breach incident.

Network security performance monitoring software is already using AI in their software.

Cybersecurity Automation Using AI

The AI used for cybersecurity is also capable of learning from security incidents. They can use these learnings to improve their response to similar incidents in the future.

Learning will be more efficient when it uses big data for analysis. Big data analytics uses advanced statistical techniques.

It is to extract actionable insights from data sets too large for traditional data processing applications. The most popular big data analytics techniques.

It includes the following:

  • cluster analysis
  • regression analysis
  • association rule learning, among others 

Some people are worried that AI will take over the job of humans in the field of cybersecurity. But this is not true for now. Why? Because artificial intelligence still has some limitations when it comes to cybersecurity.

Below are the limitations of artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity:

  • No standardized approaches to measuring and analyze cyber risk across different industries and organizations. As well as across different verticals. Such as technology, entertainment, media, and so forth.
  • There is no standard way to measure cyber risks across organizations and industries as well as across verticals. Such as technology, entertainment, and media today.
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