can you work from home doing cyber security

Can You Work From Home Doing Cyber Security?

Cyber Security

Can you work from home doing cyber security? Well, in the most recent years, data breaches and cybersecurity feels like the headline. Each day, we are somehow inside the Internet world. More and more companies are looking to hire top tech talent to help fend off cyber threats.

During this pandemic, working at home is such a useful scenario. So, the option to work on cybersecurity at home is very beneficial and viable.

Can You Work From Home Doing Cyber Security? Yes, you can. There are few opportunities to work from home in cybersecurity such as:

  • cybersecurity research
  • security consultancy
  • Audits
  • penetration testing
  • IAM analysis
  • security architects

Due to the heightened awareness of cybercrime, the need for professionals who can protect the company’s digital space is increasing.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is relating to all preventing methods for the protection of all systems that are internet-connected. These include software and hardware from being jeopardized or cyber-attacked. Also, protecting valuable Infos from the hands of hackers.

Moreover, cybersecurity is a level of security that consists of many software and hardware technologies. Then, these are used for guarding against unauthorized data access.

This access may come either on personal or corporate networks. However, it needs vast knowledge and information for possible threats from viruses or other wicked codes.

Here are different types of cybersecurity work from home jobs:

Information Security Analyst Or Cyber Security Analyst

This kind of job involves creating plans, executing strategies and security measures for protecting the company’s networks. Why do networks need protection? It is because of the potential breaches and attacks such as malware, viruses, and hacks.

Moreover, cybersecurity analysts monitor the computer networks of their company. At the same time, it keeps all the systems operating smoothly. Then, it assesses potential risks and identifies flaws from the network.

As a result, it improves the whole security of the system.

Penetration Tester Or An Ethical Hacker

Penetration testers use the same tools and knowledge to examine the strength of the networks against intrusions.

Also, they are tasked to find all the flaws and vulnerabilities of the network. Then, eventually, present solutions on how those vulnerabilities can be solved.

Security Consultant

One requirement of being a security consultant is experience. They need to have 3-5 years of experience in cybersecurity.

Meanwhile, they are also considered as know-it-all cybersecurity specialists. They can also be called as:

  • information security consultants
  • database security consultants
  • computer security consultants
  • network security consultants

Security Architect

As a security architect working from home, you need to have 5-10 years of experience in security.

A security architect designs, build, and implements the company’s networks and computer security.

Moreover, they are also in charge of:

  • developing complicated security systems
  • oversee their functioning
  • make sure that the systems are ready to counter attacks

CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

CISO is the person responsible for implementing, developing, and maintaining security services. Services that protect the company from all possible risks and threats. Also, the CISO is in charge of assembling the security teams and overseeing their job.

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