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Cybersecurity News: Top Sites To Keep In Touch With

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If you are someone in the cybersecurity field, where should you look for updates with cybersecurity news? 

Why Keep In Touch With Cybersecurity News?

Keeping in touch with the latest trends, news, and updates is vital in cybersecurity. This way, you can keep yourself updated with ‘what’s new’ and ‘what’s in’. By doing so, you can better defend yourself from any cyber harm along with the cloud. 

So, where can you find these helpful resources? 

There are lots you can find on the web. But in this article, we will be listing the top cybersecurity news sites. May this help you keep in touch with what’s latest and in. Thus, better defend oneself, and minimize vulnerabilities, if there are any.

Top Cybersecurity News Sites In 2021

Here are the top cybersecurity news sites you can keep in touch with.

Cyber Defense Magazine

The Cyber Defense Magazine is equipped with “the most prominent writers in the field”. Particularly, in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity, for instance.

Thus, making it one of the most reliable sites to get trustworthy cybersecurity information. For example, keeping safe from malware and data breach. 

InfoSecurity Magazine

You can also see the InfoSecurity Magazine. This website also tackles other topics concerning cyber harm and security. 

  • Data encryption
  • Big data
  • Cybercrime

Not to mention that they also release weekly podcasts. In addition, topics for their podcasts may vary. But at the very least, these are all about cybersecurity defenses and more.

Security Week

Another helpful resource is Security Week. This website is also equipped with a pool of experts in the field of IT security. So you can expect this site to be also an expert in providing advice and assistance.

For example, Security Week regularly provides its readers with the latest cybersecurity news

The Hacker News

Hacker News is another reliable and one of the most popular sites in the field. In fact, this website has received several awards and national recognition.

You can try to visit their website to keep in touch with what’s latest in the field of cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Magazine

Adding to the list is the Cyber Security Magazine. This website offers the latest cybersecurity news. 

Moreover, aside from that, the Cyber Security Magazine also published informative articles about cybersecurity.

Comodo News

However, if you are looking for simplified news about the latest cyberattacks, go for Comodo News. This site aims to simplify complex details about cybersecurity. While at the same time, not compromising the quality of the information provided.

Help Net Security

The Help Net Security is the perfect site for those leading cybersecurity on an enterprise-wide scale.

Because this site centers its topics on cybersecurity business news and updates. In addition, they also provide some helpful tips on keeping an enterprise safe from any cyber harm in the cloud.

Dark Reading

Lastly, one of the most popular resources is the Dark Reading website. Besides, Dark Reading is led by experts in the field. Security specialists, researchers, and CISOs, for instance. Thus, resulting in its thousands of daily readers all around the web.

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