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Cybersecurity Online Degree: Is It Worth It?

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Are you thinking of acquiring a cybersecurity online degree? But are you also thinking if it’s worth it?

In this post, we will be discussing the following points:

  • Why cybersecurity online degree is worth your time and investment?
  • Which schools are ideal to earn a cybersecurity online degree from?
  • What are the job opportunities for those cybersecurity bachelor graduates?

Why Pursue A Cybersecurity Online Degree?

A cybersecurity degree can help equip students for a cybersecurity career. Besides, it can help them better protect computer systems from malicious attacks.

1. Be A Helping Hand For The Society

All the more so today when cyberattacks are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. Professionals and experts in the field are more so in demand. 

In any business sector, cybersecurity is in dire need. Government sectors, financial, business, and educational institutions, for instance. So, all are on target of cyberattacks.

2. High Demand Means Higher Salary Rates

As mentioned, cybersecurity jobs are in high demand today. This also means professionals in the field can demand a higher salary rate.

For example, take what the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. According to them, these professionals earn an average of $88,240 for their median annual wage in 2019. This goes to both computer and IT professionals of all job positions.

Specifically, information security analysts can gain a median salary of $99,730. In fact, numbers can even go higher depending on the size of the company and the type of profession you are having.

3. More Job Opportunities

On the other hand, all sectors of society need cybersecurity. Also, pursuing a career in the field should open the doors to multiple job opportunities

In almost all sorts of industries in any location, you may be in, you can apply for a job.

List Of Schools That Offer A Cybersecurity Online Degree Program

For example, here are 10 schools that offer the best cybersecurity online degree programs.

  1. Maryville University of Saint Louis
  2. University of North Dakota
  3. Davenport University
  4. Saint Leo University
  5. Baker College
  6. William Woods University
  7. University of Charleston
  8. Regent University
  9. University of Arizona
  10. Drexel University

Job Opportunities For Cybersecurity Degree Holders

So what are the open job opportunities for those who earn a cybersecurity degree? For example, here is a list of five.

1. Information Security Analyst

  • Employs defensive software and firewalls
  • He also keeps up with any network activity and look out for any malicious activity

Mostly, companies prefer information security analysts with MBA. Besides, they can earn up to $99,730 (median annual salary).

2. Security Manager

  • Coordinates security plans for organizations
  • Supervises staff teams for information security
  • Researches regularly for the latest security trends and threats, for instance

A security manager can earn up to $116,170.

3. Computer Network Architect

  • Handles hardware components of an entities data communication networks
  • Implements and maintains a company’s networks and systems 

A computer network architect can earn up to $112,690.

4. Database Administrator

  • Oversees data systems to ensure their privacy and security
  • Also protects customer data and financial information

Moreover, a database administrator can earn up to $93,750.

5. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

  • Oversees daily IT operations
  • Handles data communication- upgrades, setup, installations, and problem-solving, for instance.

In addition, those in positions can earn up to $83,510.

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