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Different Types of Cybersecurity Websites

Cyber Security

What we will learn about cybersecurity websites? So let me discuss with you and know about the best websites for cyber threats.

Essence Of Cybersecurity Websites

Because of the rapid growth of digital technology today. So cybercriminals have the advantage to make their goal.

That why cybersecurity was created, to protect companies from cyberattacks. How can we sure that our company and customers with your data are safer?

We know the world of information and security seems to be changing almost daily. But the right cybersecurity resources can help you to stay informed.

You will know about the potential cyber threats before they can impact your business. Yet there are some of the best cyber websites that provide a mix of content from the following:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Podcast

This provider can help you stay informed. Therefore we will show you a list of websites that regularly posted content.

Most of it is top authorities in the business that include tech journalists and hackers with security experts. So each of the websites will help you with cybersecurity resources.

The Hacker News

This website is a good spot for you, find breaking news about cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. They publish daily and their loyal fans can support the newsletter so all of them be notify.

This Hacker News has started around the year 2010 with a mission to educate people. So they teach on how to use the internet most safely.

The site claims more than 8 million monthly readers. But also hosts the Hacker’s conference each year.

Know Adam Shostack And Friends

This is not the flashiest website you will see, in terms of design. However it a full of practical information about cybersecurity.

The site is focused on the papers and students that are relevant. It is packed with the Star Wars Episode 9 spoilers.

Everything in this blog is groud into neat categories. So you can find information that concerns what you need.

Furthermore, Shostack is the author of the Threat modeling that designing for security. It is one of the premier texts about the industry.

On the website, he includes his friend like Chandler Howell the first information security bloggers. Also, Alex Hutton has work in Infosec since the year 1994.

David Mortman works as a research and analysis. Last but not on the list is Brooke Paul a senior vice president and chief of an informant security officer.

Website Of Daniel Miessler

He is a cybersecurity expert and a writer that blogs and hosts a podcast. Their podcast is all about security and technology.

His blog also updates several times a week and you can find a topic on everything from the post. It about malicious advertising to examples of bad metrics in a digital age.

Moreover, everyone can access his podcast and Unsupervised learning from the websites. Also, his episodes are previewing on his blogs.

He’s one of the minister’s cybersecurity news in a weekly email newsletter. So he has work in cybersecurity for more than 20 years.
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