Cybersecurity A Good Major

Is Cybersecurity A Good Major?

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We will know how good it is to have cybersecurity as a major. Also, we will see the following benefits of having advanced knowledge about cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity As A Good Major

Cybercrime is not a new thing. Cybercrime has been around for centuries, and it has been called by different names. Such as internet fraud, malicious software, and phishing attacks.

The growth of the internet has brought in a lot of opportunities for people to make money. It has also opened the gates to cyber-criminals and hackers to steal and sell personal and sensitive information on the dark web.

Now, we can say without any hesitation that cybersecurity is a good major for earning money. Well, it is not that easy because you need to learn cybersecurity in detail to be able to work as a cyber security expert.

To be able to earn money with cybersecurity you need to know how things work in this field. You need to know how things are done in this field.

It takes years of experience to earn money with cybersecurity. So, if you want to earn money with cybersecurity then you will have to be patient enough to learn this field in detail.

There are different types of jobs available for working with cybersecurity ranging from the following:

  • being a security analyst or security engineer,
  • IT auditor or penetration testing consultant,
  • an ethical hacker or malware analyst etc.

But there are jobs where you can start earning money right after graduating from college or university. The best part is that these jobs are very well paid compared to other jobs in the same field.


There are many universities where you can complete your bachelor’s program in information security or cybersecurity. Here are some of them:

  • University Of Florida (Gainesville)
  • Arizona State University (Tempe)
  • University Of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
  • Rochester Institute Of Technology (Rochester)
  • The University Of Central Florida (Orlando

These are some of the most popular universities, and there are many others as well. But before you start your college education make sure to choose a university wisely.

Now, let see what are the following benefits if we choose cybersecurity as a major?

Cybersecurity As Career Field

Having cybersecurity as a major can be useful in more than one way. Such as getting a good job after your graduation. Below are some of the reasons why it is better to have cybersecurity as a major.

Job Opportunities after Graduation

You can start earning money right after you graduate from college or university. There are many job opportunities for people with cybersecurity skills, and it’s not difficult to find a job in this field. Job opportunities in the security domain are growing rapidly.

Below are some of the most sought-after jobs available for people with cybersecurity skills:

Cyber Security Analyst/ Security Engineer

Cyber security analysts and engineers are responsible for designing, securing, and managing computer networks, computer hardware, and software. These professionals usually work for IT companies or related organizations that require these services.

They are responsible for identifying risks to information, systems, people, and property within the network environment. Also perform penetration testing, firewall configuration testing, policy compliance testing, etc.

Network Security Administrator/Network Engineer

Network engineers work on the design, implementation, and maintenance of networks including their components. They create new networks or upgrade existing ones to support new features or additional users.

Information Security Analyst/ Information Assurance Specialist

Information assurance specialists protect an organization’s data from unauthorized access or modification by using various security measures. They assess the risk of information security incidents and recommend ways to eliminate them along with other IT security.

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