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Online Cybersecurity Training That You Can Take In 2021

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Are you considering taking online cybersecurity training? Perhaps to make the best use of today’s ‘new normal’. These courses, although online, can be a great resource in honing skills in the field. 

Have It Free At First

Perhaps you are still testing the waters of the cybersecurity field. So how can you make sure that this is the career worth investing in this time of the pandemic?

Why not try to take the free courses at first? 

Free online taster courses can help you see through the whole course. For example, it can introduce you to some of its basics. So it can help you better decide. Should you proceed and pursue or not, for instance.

Moreover, if you are loving what you are learning. Perhaps you are no gaining the interest of becoming an industry professional. Then you can settle for good. For example by signing up for more advanced courses. You can now pay, but at least, you are settled for good.

Are you interested?

Here we are listing some of the cybersecurity training available today. Some are paid while some offer a free trial. These can help you explore the cybersecurity space. Also to help you find your specific suitable cybersecurity career. 

However, you should at least manage your expectations. Free training is generally limited in resources, for instance.

Online Cybersecurity Training Of 2021

Here are some of today’s online cybersecurity training that you can try for 2021.


You might be familiar with the Udemy platform. Udemy is a huge learning platform. Moreover, it also offers a huge range of courses. 

Udemy is known to deliver an intensive learning course. So if this is the type of training you are searching for, then consider the following cybersecurity training courses by this platform.

  • Cybersecurity Law. This course suits those who want to know the external and internal principles of cybersecurity ethics.
  • Cybersecurity Course For Beginners- Level 01. This is a beginners course for cybersecurity. But this course can also suit cybersecurity enthusiasts, perhaps in learning more in-depth about the subject.

Other paid courses by Udemy:

  • Cybersecurity Crash Course for Beginners: Learn from Scratch
  • The Data Science Course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp

Udemy’s courses are offered even for less than $20. Thus, making it extremely cost-effective for an in-depth learning program. 

Open University

Open University is another online university platform. Also, this platform offers accredited IT qualifications in an online learning environment.

Open University is an online learning platform in the United Kingdom. This platform has long been known for its distant learning programs. As a result of their decades in course development. Students from all around the globe have been benefiting from them.

Here are some of the cybersecurity training course/s offered by OU:

  • An online degree in cybersecurity
  • Degree in Data Science

OU is an online learning platform that can deliver accredited degrees in both IT & computing. While at the same time, the platform also allows its learners to define their own learning path. 

Other platforms that offer online cybersecurity training

  • Future Learn– if you are looking for a wide range of short courses
  • Coursera– for short-course distance learning
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