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Why Should You Pursue A Cyber Security Degree?

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Are you aspiring to take a cyber security degree? How can you make sure it is going to be worth it? Let us see the top reasons why taking a degree in this field is worth investing in.

The Growing Demand Of Cyber Professionals

Especially since the wake of the pandemic, cybersecurity has been in dire need. Since then, cybercrime losses have reached more than $1 trillion globally. 

However, the loss is great but the help is needy. For instance, in 2021, there are approximately 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally. 

As you can see, the need is urgent. The threats are high, and so are the growing vulnerabilities. Because of this, companies are more than willing to pay high salaries for these professionals. 

In line with this, earning a degree in the field is definitely worth the try. To help you strengthen your conviction in gaining a degree in the field, here are major reasons that you should know.

4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue A Cyber Security Degree

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider taking a cyber security degree.

1. An important & meaningful career to take

Today, warfare is non-existing in physical weapons and the like. Instead, cyberattacks are replacing crime scenes. Government institutions and federal entities are at stake, for instance.

With a cybersecurity career, you can fulfill both personal & professional careers. Not to mention that you are affecting more than just an entity. But you are helping to keep your federal’s state strong. 

In addition, government and federal institutions are not the only entities that need cybersecurity measures. Almost every entity needs a strong cybersecurity defense. 

Thus, you are helping more than your personal career fulfillment. But you are also helping society keep free from attacks in cyberspace.

2. Abounding financial incentives

As mentioned, the demand is great while the supply is needy. So there exists a high need for cybercrime professionals in all kinds of sectors. Both in private and public sectors in the society, for instance.

In line with this, financial incentives are more readily given. Most particularly to those who are aspiring to pursue a career in the field.

3. Networking opportunities are great too

Networking is one great way of making the most out of a graduate program. 


For example, in a graduate school, you can attract like-minded people. So you can easily connect with peers, faculty, and alumni of the same field.

How can you benefit from this?

These networking opportunities serve more than just mere connections. First, they can serve as great resources for additional insights. Second, they can help you widen your outlook in the field. Lastly, they can help you even after graduation. Perhaps in launching and advancing your career.

4. A growing field among any other sector

Lastly, the cybersecurity field is an extremely growing field. In fact, a report shows that it has a growth rate of 31%. This is said to be ‘much faster than the average compared to the other lines of work.

In addition, gaining a competitive career in the field needs more than just willingness. But it needs enough education level. Thus, if you are aspiring to launch one, first gain a degree. 

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