ISO 27000 Series

The ISO 27000 Series Of Standards


The ISO 27000 Series is known as the best global framework to help firms improve their information security. Also, provide a comprehensive overview of information security.

The ISO 27000 Series 

Every series deals with a different area of Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

The Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of policies.

Also a procedure for systematically managing a firms’ crucial data.

Moreover, the goal is to minimize the risk and ensure the firm’s continuity. 

Listed below is a brief outline of each series.

  • The ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements. It details the actual requirements for the firm to comply with the ISO standard.
  • The ISO 27002 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) controls. This series describes the description of the various. Also, it is utilize to meet the requirements of ISO 27001.
  • The ISO 27003- Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation guidelines. Provides details on the implementation of the standard. Includes the project approval, scope, analysis, and risk assessment.
  • The ISO 27004 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) Measurements. This outlines how firms can monitor and measure security.
  • The ISO 27005 – Risk Management. Defines the high-level risk of management. Also, it follows the recommended approach of ISO.
  • The ISO 27006 – Guidelines for ISO 27000 accreditation bodies. It outlines the requirements for firms. Also, it will be measured by ISO 27000 compliance certification.
  • The ISO 27007 – Guidelines managing Information Security Management System (ISMS) for audit programme.
  • The ISO 27008 – Guideline for Auditors on information security controls.
  • The ISO27009 – Sector-specific application of ISO 27001 requirements.
  • The ISO 27010 – The information management for inter-sector and inter-organizational communications.

Some Series Standard is currently under development. 

Why use the ISO 27000 Series Standard?

Firms today 

Data breaches may cost a lot of amounts and also reputational damage. It also, devastating to the firm side.

That is why firms must prioritize information security risk.

Moreover, sensitive data are being used across all areas of businesses these days.

They used it in legitimate and illegitimate transactions. And as a result, countless incidents happen every day.

It may cause by Cyber-criminals, who hacks into the database. Or also, some employees losing or misappropriating information.

For instance, firms are increasingly investing in their defenses. They are choosing the ISO 27000 Series Standard.

The good thing is it can be applied in any firm. Regardless of the size and sector of the firms. 

The framework’s broadness means its implementation will always be appropriate to any size of the business.


By using the ISO 27000 Series standards and receiving certification, you will improve customer confidence. Also, it will showcase your firms’ capability for having the strongest and most trusted security practices.

However, change is the only constant thing. So does the standard is evolving base on how it is needed.

It constantly evolving and continuing updates as new technologies and threats appear.

So by adopting new standards it gives the insurance that our defends is up-to-date.

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