Cybersecurity For Dummies PDF

Cybersecurity For Dummies PDF

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Preparing cybersecurity for dummies in PDF. How can we do it and what should be included in the PDF if we create it? We will learn that in this section.

Cybersecurity For Dummies PDF

Preparing cybersecurity for dummies in PDF. How can we do it and what should be included in the PDF if we create it? We will learn that in this section.

Cybersecurity for dummies is a document that has been prepared simply and clearly to be understood by a wide range of people. That even those who do not have a piece of great knowledge about a certain topic.

For a certain topic, it is necessary to find the right level of depth in the description. In this case, we will focus on preparing a cybersecurity for dummies PDF.

To prepare cybersecurity for dummies in PDF, we need to focus on two aspects: content and format.

The content of cybersecurity for dummies must be developed following three basic rules:

  • The content must be developed with an approach that is very didactic and clear. We want to explain things in a way that everyone can understand and that does not require any particular previous knowledge.
  • The topics must be divided into small sections. So that they can be easily digested. When the reader completes each section, he or she feels satisfied and wants to continue reading.
  • The content must be structured so that it can be easily read if copied on paper or printed on paper. This means that it should use paragraphs and line breaks.
    • Avoid using too long lines;
    • it should use lists, tables, and figures;
  • avoid using words with more than six characters; etc.

Preparing Cybersecurity For Dummies Format

When we develop the format of cybersecurity for dummies, we must pay attention to two things:

  • The structure: Includes tables, lists, paragraphs, etc.
  • The presentation: Includes typography, graphics, etc.

It is a structure is that will allow us to divide the text into small paragraphs and make it easy to read lines. The presentation will help us make it more attractive typography.

So that it is easy to read. But also it does not look like a boring school book or scientific article.

We will do all this with cybersecurity for dummies PDF, which we will create using the tools available in the program Scribus. We will choose this program because it is free and open source. 

If you want to do something similar, we recommend you to follow carefully these steps:

Step 1: Create a Document In Scribus

Scribus is a tool for creating documents similar to those we find in books and magazines. As we said at the beginning, we will create cybersecurity for dummies PDF and we will use Scribus for this purpose.

We will create a document using the A4 format by selecting File > New from the menu bar. This opens the following window:

If you have chosen a different format, click on it and proceed as indicated above. Once you have done so, a new window appears that allows us to customize the margins of the page according to our needs:

In our case, we have chosen margins of 3 cm on all sides. We could also change the orientation of the page from portrait to landscape by clicking on the button located at the bottom right corner of this window.

Step 2: Create a New Paragraph Style

When we want to make things easier by grouping elements or files together, it’s good practice to create a paragraph style that allows us to group them all within a single element. 

In our case, we will create a paragraph style for headings and subheadings, as well as another one for body text. You can see both styles in this image.

To create them, select Format > Paragraph Styles from the menu bar or click on the button located at the bottom left corner of the Scribus window. In this way, you get access to all paragraph styles that are already available

 we have done:

Step 3: Create a Table of Contents

The table of contents is an essential part of any cybersecurity for dummies PDF. And if we want to create one, it must be structured correctly. It must help us find the section that interests us quickly and easily.

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