Cybersecurity Violations In The Philippines

Cybersecurity Violations In The Philippines

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The Philippines is one of the countries that adopt cybersecurity and there are plenty of rules of violations for that. So that is what we will see in this blog post.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is simply the protection of your computer or network from an attack. When you are working online, there are many risks to be aware of like the following:

  • Cybercrimes,
  • Viruses,
  • hackers and spammers

This is why organizations like the Philippine Commission on Cybercrime (PCC) were created to help keep the internet safe for everyone.

Cybercrimes And Cybersecurity Violations In The Philippines

Cybercrime in the Philippines is defined by the Revised Penal Code. Which is the law that sets how law enforcement will handle these cases.

Cybercrime can be committed through any electronic device like the following:

  • your smartphone,
  • laptop or tablet.

The following are cybercrimes that you must be aware of:

Cyber Libel

Cyber libel is defined as any malicious comments written about someone on the internet. This is also called libel when you spread false information about someone.

Cyber Extortion

It is when someone asks for money from you to remove a post or picture from the internet. 

Cyber Harassment

It is when someone sends you unwanted text messages or calls you to annoy you.

Cyber Rape

It happens when you don’t want it to happen and the person doesn’t stop. 

Fraud and Identity Theft

These are when someone steals your ID to get something like your credit card number or money.

Benefits Of The Following Laws About Cyber In The Philippines

The following laws are essential for the protection of people who use the internet.

Data Privacy Act or RA 10173

This law protects your data, messages, passwords, and what you post online. It also requires every company to have a privacy policy.

Cybercrime Prevention Act or RA 10175

This law prevents cybercrime from happening and it also makes sure that there is a punishment for it. This law also makes sure that there is a punishment for sending spam messages over the internet. 

Freedom of Information Act or RA 10347

This law allows you to access information from any government agency. You can use this information to make better decisions about your life and career. 

Cybersecurity Requirements In The Philippines

In the Philippines, there are some requirements for cybersecurity. Some of them are the following:

1. A company’s website must have a privacy policy.

2. Employees must use strong usernames and passwords.

3. Parents must teach their children to protect themselves online.

4. You must be careful what you send over the internet because it can be public forever.

5. You should install antivirus software on your device to prevent viruses from attacking you.

6. You should use the encryption of your data if you are sending or receiving information that you don’t want other people to read or know about. 

Wrapping It Up

Cybersecurity in the Philippines is what you need to know when it comes to the internet. This includes cybercrimes and cybersecurity violations in the Philippines.

The following are some laws that will protect you when you are online. Remember to follow these rules so that everyone can use the internet safely.

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