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How Does Cybersecurity Honeypot Work?

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We will see the use of the cybersecurity honeypot especially in targeting hackers. Also, learn how it becomes an advantage?

What Is a Cyber Security Honeypot?

In a nutshell, a cybersecurity honeypot is a system used to attract hackers to identify them. It is a simulated computer system designed to attract attacks from real-world adversaries.

It is pretty simple to understand as it contains dummy information. Which is the same as the real information that can be extracted from an organization.

A honeypot is a system that hackers would find attractive because it has easy access and no protection at all.

This information is for further research and investigation to find out the reason behind the attack and what cyber threat they are working on.

How Does Cybersecurity Honeypot Work?

The main goal of this tool is not only to catch hackers but also to understand their techniques and counter-attacks. It helps in identifying how these hackers work and where they come from.

Also, what resources they use in conducting successful cyberattacks.

It also provides information on the type of malware used during this process. It will help in finding ways to protect against such attacks in the future.

Advantages Of Using This Process

Furthermore, the cybersecurity honeypot also helps in identifying the reputation of hackers. You can be able to know which hackers are known for their online activity.

Another advantage of this system is that it can be used to test security systems. It can be used to determine how effective the security systems are in protecting against similar attacks.

It is to test defense capabilities against cyber threats. So it is done by sending malware samples to the cybersecurity honeypot system.

The system will then determine whether or not a security breach is possible in a particular scenario. This will help in identifying areas of weakness and reducing the chance of a successful attack against a real system.

Top-rated Cyber Security Honeypot

Here are the following top-rated cyber security honeypot systems that you can use:

1) HackBuster Honeypot

The free open-source software that you can download from GitHub. It comes with various options for easy installation, monitoring, and analysis. It runs on the Windows platform and has a user-friendly interface. So makes it easy to use for everyone who wants to experiment with this tool for security purposes.

2) HoneyPy

A simple but effective open-source framework. So you can create your cybersecurity honeypot with ease.

It works on the Windows platform along with Ubuntu operating system and is simple enough for anyone who wants to start using it right away. It also comes with an API that allows interaction between various modules easily.

Which makes it one of the most popular methods available right now for beginners and experts alike.

You can download it from GitHub or PyPI website easily without any hassle at all. It requires Python 2 or 3 versions for installation purposes only while running on Windows platform or Ubuntu operating systems respectively.

3) Kippo

A Linux-based open-source framework that has great capabilities. When it comes to creating your cybersecurity honeypot based on different needs and requirements.

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